We've heard it all folks.

1. When people ask what your major is and you say art, mentally preparing for them to ask "what you plan to do with that?" or "how will you make money?"

I honestly don't know what I want to do, but you know what? Neither do a lot of business majors, or communications majors just to name a few. So just because my field isn't portrayed as financially stable or as overflowing with jobs as some others don't mean its that much different when it comes to after graduation.

2. Carrying that portfolio around all the time sucks

My back is ALWAYS hurting after lugging that thing around!

3. Most of the time when I leave class I am SO dirty

Whether it's plaster, paint, charcoal, wood chippings, pastel, or clay there is always some remnants from the studio that day.

4. Finishing a project that you have spent HOURS on is the best feeling

Im talking those 30+ hour projects... man after those that first layer of spray fix hits different!

5. When you tell people you paint, most of the time its followed by "Oh, well I've seen a Bob Ross video!"

Yeah so have we and I can promise you we are not as happy and calm when in the studio as he is.

6. People thinking our major is literally just arts and crafts

Sorry to burst your bubble but art majors actually do work and I would almost guarantee that the students who are serious about it put in more hours outside of class than most other majors.