We're at a really concerning place in politics. Actually, it's downright terrifying. At times like this, it's hard to see any silver lining at all. Thankfully, Baltimore hardcore band, Sharptooth, is here to save the day with their first full length, Clever Girl. If anything is going to be a silver lining in times like these, it's this album.

Clever Girl speaks many of the harsh truths that so many of us face today. The throat-punching honesty of the lyrics fall in perfect harmony with the hard hitting music. Guitarists Lance Donati and Keith Higgins and bassist and backing vocalist Phil Rasinski pound out every note like an army with a war drum while vocalist Lauren Kashan growls feminist war cries that are sure to incite empowerment in anybody. The overall album boasts an exceptional message of female empowerment and a demand of equal rights for everybody, both of which are ideas that the band strongly believes in. "Can I Get a Hell No" is a beautifully written call out track to everyone who has ever cat-called a female or considered women to be objects. The song closes with a little twist on Nancy Sinatra's classic These Boots Were Made For Walking: "These boots are made for stomping, that’s just what they’ll do… If you don’t shut your fucking mouth, they’re gonna stomp all over you." The band goes on to give their opinion of our President with the track "Fuck You, Donald Trump," which touches on the issue of greed in politics and how the President has been treating minority groups.

Sharptooth is one hardcore band that nobody should sleep on and this album is something you don't want to miss. You can find Clever Girl on bandcamp, iTunes, and spotify.