Agree To Disagree

WE don't get to choose who are family is. We don't get to choose who are mom and dad are. We don't get to choose who are siblings are or what type of economic situation that your in. But, the one thing we can choose is to get along and respect one another's differences and opinions in your family or different political views or just respecting and forgiving one another is awkward situations. Yes, at some points and times this is an extremely difficult thing to do. So, here are a few tips and tricks to help keep your cool and maintain family relationship (especially during this holiday season).

Learn How To Listen Without Making A Face

Turn yourself into an extremely good listening, becuase you will have to listen to everyone's opinions and their own biased opinions on every subject; from who you voted for, why you are not married yet, what type of job you have. Yes, of course you have the opinion to not answer any questions or be any contribution to the conversation, but than you could be classified as someone who is anti social, Also while you are listening to all of your reletives you HAVE to keep a neutral face (especialy if you don't agree with their opinion) and this can/will/already is difficult to do. So how can you get better at this? Try to understand the other person/peoples point of view, even if you don't agree with it. Take into account how they grew up or what type of lifestyle they personally live. With all of these factors you may be able to understand their outlook on life a llittle bit easier.


Remember at the end of the day or conversation you are family, blood related, and have eachothers back. Yes, there is room during the conversation to get upset, but when this happens stay composed ask questions, and agree to disagree in certain situation; than move on to a different topic in general.

Accepting Defeat

Know when to end the converstaion. There will come to a point of no return where you will not be able to win the argument or be able to insert your opinion in the conversation. This is where you need to accept defeat and change the subject or just end the conversation. There will not be a good outcome in this current disscussion and could turn into a full blown argument. At the end of the day you are family and it's easier to walk away than to continue to argue about the same thing over and over again.

Just remember this Holiday Season to love one another. You are family after all. Wishing you a great start to the holiday season and remember, "all you need is love."

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