Aga Khan IV: King of The World

The founder and chairman of the Aga Khan Development Network is also the 49th hereditary imam of Shia Ismaili Muslims. His deep engagement and devotion towards humanity from the past 60 years has made him so loved by his followers.

The Aga Khan grew up in Nairobi, Kenya and later graduated from Harvard University. At the age of 20, he succeeded his grandfather and assumed the role as leader of Ismaili Muslims.

Since that very day, he has sprinkled love over neglected populations around the globe. His projects are widespread as they include cultural initiatives, education opportunities, health services, humanitarian assistance and overall economic development. He states it's his duty to spark changes to support social development in presenting transformations for the face of Islam.

In Canada, the Aga Khan is titled the most honorary Canadian for his services. In 2014, he signed the Protocol of Understanding with the Prime Minister of Canada in order to strengthen his connection and partnership with the government. His wealth sources from voluntary donations from Muslim community members.

The Aga Khan owns a breeding operation as well as a multi-million dollar horse racing complex in which he derives a sufficient amount of money.

To this day, the Highness continues to enhance the quality of human life purely through devotion and love.

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