With Everything Going On In The World It Is Making Me Afraid to Leave My House

With Everything Going On In The World It Is Making Me Afraid to Leave My House

We need to start spreading kindness


I struggled with whether to write this or not, because I don't want to make anyone upset and I like to write about lighthearted, funny things. But, I decided to change things up a bit and get serious this week. I felt like I had to speak up about the recent events happening in the world. I'm not really sure where this article is going, but I feel like writing down my feelings helps me and can, in turn, also help others.

The evil and senseless attacks that have transpired in the past year have made me wonder what is going on in the world. Am I just now realizing these horrible events because I am more in tune with the news than I was when I was younger? Or has the world really devolved this fast? While all the shootings have been incredibly horrifying and tragic, the one at FSU most recently hit the closest to home.

Being from Tampa, I have many friends and family members that have attended FSU and are currently living in Tallahassee. The victims could have been anyone. It could have been my cousin or my little sister. That is absolutely horrifying. When did it become dangerous to go to a yoga class or to a place of worship? When did it become scary to attend class? Is there nowhere that is safe anymore? After everything that has happened in the past year, I am left with sadness, fear and more questions.

All I can do is pray for everyone involved and pray that this ends. Pray that the world stops going in this direction and people start spreading love. I encourage everyone else to do the same. If praying isn't your thing, do something that makes you happy. Then, spread that happiness and love to everyone you meet. If we all spread a little kindness to a friend or a stranger, maybe we can all keep it going and make the world a better place.

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