36 Affordable Products Your Girl Will Love

36 Affordable Products Your Glam Girl Will Love

Wanting to buy something for the aspiring beauty guru in your life? But don't want to break the bank getting the perfect gift? Check out this list of affordable items your glam girl will love. Everything listed is below $40!!


Buying beauty gifts doesn't have to be expensive! Although there are some brands and products that can get into double and triple digit prices, you don't have to splurge on the big names to create a great gift. Here is a list of great and affordable beauty products to get your glam girl this holiday season. Hi Mom, hope you're reading this.... :)

1. Facial Roller 

Listed on Amazon for $10.99, this is the perfect small gift for anyone who loves indulging in skin care! Used to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, rolling this jade stone over your face leaves you feeling refreshed.

2. Facial Cleansing Brush 

If your glam girl loves doing their makeup all the time, then for $18.99 they definitely need to have this brush in their routine! This brush gets that deep down dirt and oil better than our hands can when we wash our face.

3. Acrylic Makeup Organizer 

Listed at $20.99, These clear makeup organizers are what every makeup lover whats to have their makeup put away but on display.If your glam lover has a lot more makeup, larger sizes are available but the price usually goes up with size.

4. Marble Brush Set 

These super cute brushes will make any makeup lover obsessed with the marble print bag and brush handles. And they're only $15.99!

5. Cosmetic Lighting Mirror 

For $33.91, you can get your glam girl the perfect mirror for doing their beauty routines, and it's also great for selfies.

6. e.l.f. Jet Set Hydration Kit 

This amazing gift set is only $15!! Elf Cosmetics has really been stepping up their skin care game lately and this is the perfect set to get your makeup user!

7. Maybelline Super Stay Liquid Lipstick

These bad boys run about $8 each and they are so gorgeous! Can't pick one shade for your glam girl? Buy two for just $16! Trust me, you'll hear no complaints.

8. Physician's Formula Rose Serum

This stuff is seriously magic in a bottle. It smells so amazing and works wonders on your skin! Plus, it's only $7.29.

9. Burt's Bees Lip Scrub 

Help give your beauty guru lipstick ready lips! This scrub helps rub away dead skin and leave the lips nourished and moisturized.

10. Profusion Eye Shadow Palette 

"Wanderlust" Palette

These palettes come in a variety of themed sets with 21 beautiful, pigmented shades and they're only $9.99 at Target. Seriously. These shadows are gorgeous, you usually don't get great quality with cheap prices but Profusion is truly amazing!!

11. 8-Piece Makeup Brush Set

Who wouldn't love this gorgeous blue brush set? Grab one for your makeup lover for only $14.88!

12. Bath Bombs

What's better than one bath bomb? A whole bag of bath bombs. These can make the perfect addition to a "spa day" gift package for only $9.99

13. Nourishing Hair Mask

If your glam girl is always using heat on her hair, color changes a lot, or maybe is just dreaming for longer hair, this mask can be a the perfect gift for her!

14. Makeup Travel Bag

This super cute makeup bag is only $30 at Ulta and is great for packing up your glam for a weekend away!

15. Chocolate Eye Shadow Palette 

These $9.96 shadows actually smell like chocolate. I repeat, THEY SMELL LIKE CHOCOLATE! So delicious and so pretty.

16. Clay Face Mask

This particular mask is only $8.67 and is great for getting out the deep dirt and impurities and makes your face feel fresh and renewed!

17. Holiday Lip Set

There is no such thing as having to many lipsticks. This $14.88 set from Physicians Formula is sure to be a hit and is good for lip care too!

18. Aroma-Therapy Shower Melts 

Maybe your glam girl doesn't have a bathtub, so give her a gift she can still use for a personal spa day! These shower melts are sure to leave her feeling relaxed. And their only $4.87...

19. Essence Mist 

This $20 product is the perfect price for giving a gift from one of the more elite beauty brands! Never mind it's an amazing skin care product.

20. Makeup Remover 

This brand is all about cleaner, safer products so you know their $25 eye makeup remover will be a great addition to your beauty lover's skin care regime!

21. Mario Badescu Mist Set

Number 21 on the list and only $21! This skin care set has three different facial mists that are perfect for makeup-abused skin.

22. Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins 

Your beauty lover is sure to know about the Kardashian's always promoting these vitamins, surprise them this holiday season with a bottle of the yummy gummies for only $30!

23. Exfoliating Skin Primer 

Find this gem at Walgreens for only $12.99 and your glam girl is sure to be grateful for this amazing facial scrub!

24. Milani Powder Blush 

One of the great drugstore beauty brands,impress your beauty lover and pick up a few blush shades for $8.29

25. L.A. Colors G.N.O. Gift Set

For $10, kill a couple birds with one stone! This "girls night out" set includes a cute little makeup bag, eye shadows and liner, mascara, blush, and lipstick!

26. Morphe Eye Shadow Palette

Morphe is definitely a big name brand that lot of influencers use and collaborate with. For $24 you can get your makeup lover a palette they'll be absolutely obsessed with!

27. Coconut Body Care Set

Help your glam girl fight off dry skin with this gift set for only $20!

28. Jelly Highlighter 

Light up your glam girls holiday season with one of these $9 highlights!

29. Bare Minerals Lash & Lip Duo

Your makeup lover is sure to be thrilled with a $12 gift from brand like bare minerals. Their brand always has great quality products.

30. Sephora Face Mask Set

Get your glam girl a little bit of everything with this $22 facial mask combo set!

31. Tarte Mermaid Eyeshadow Set


High shine is big right now in the makeup world, arm your glam girl with just what she needs for $28 to be in with the latest trends.

32. GLAMGLOW Bubble Sheet Mask

These bubble sheet masks are a dream for makeup users! Pick up one or two for your beauty guru for only $9 each!

33. Jaclyn Hill Vault Palette 

Each of these gorgeous palettes are only $15 and sure to be a hit for your glam girl!

34. Magnetic Eye Lashes

Give your glam girl a break on lash glue by getting these reusable, magnetic lashes for $14!

35. Soap & Glory Mask Set

Give your beauty guru a variety of masks this season with this $16 set!

36. Scalp Calming Treatment

Help your beauty lover fight off dry skin and frizy hair with this $20 treatment

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5 Companies That Still Use Slave Labor

Let's talk about the modern slave trade.

Growing up in a country where freedom is always a right and expectation — whether you live in the United States or one of the other 86 "free" countries — it is easy to believe that, compared to the well-known 1800s slave trade, we are doing pretty well when it comes to civil liberties, freedom, and overall social welfare. Documents such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948) have been approved by the General Assembly of the United Nations, meaning that the vast majority of nations have agreed that every individual has the right to basic human dignity.

Despite this significant progress, however, there are 45.8 million people enslaved today, more than any other time in world history. The United States Department of Homeland Security has launched the Blue Campaign in light of this growing industry, hoping to raise awareness of the human trafficking that persists in local communities. Additionally, you can watch this video for a summary on the Global Slavery pandemic. I will write about the problem of human trafficking in the United States on another day; however, global slavery affects us whether it is in our city or halfway around the world. In fact, companies that you purchase from every single day use slave labor for their work instead of paying employees a fair wage.* Don't believe me?

Here are five companies that are using slave labor to make their products TODAY, and where you should shop instead.


Nestle is one of the largest companies that has consistently carried out human rights violations all over the world. Not only did they illegally take water from California during the drought in 2015, but in the 1970s they got third-world mothers to use infant formula by selling it at reduced prices, and then when the mothers could no longer breastfeed, they raised the price of formula so much that many children were malnourished and starving.

Their most recent problems revolve around slavery in the cocoa industry. In 2009 several former child slaves sued Nestle because they were trafficked and forced to work on Nestle farms in Cote d'Ivoire. Another suit was filed by former child slaves in 2014, stating that "Studies by International Labour Organization, UNICEF, the Department of State, and numerous other organizations have confirmed that thousands of children are forced to work without pay in the Ivorian economy." In 2016, the Fair Labor Association executed an assessment of Nestle in Cote d'Ivoire. They claimed that 70% of Nestle farms were not trained on the prohibition of forced labor. Further, they stated that "there is no process in place to monitor, report, and remediate cases of forced labor at the farms." With this in mind, they did find evidence of potential forced and uncompensated labor. Additionally, they found evidence of child labor—many of these children never enrolling in school — in which children were getting paid little to nothing, and often working in dangerous conditions.

INSTEAD: buy from Ben & Jerry's or Theo. They will satisfy your sweet tooth and are Fair-Trade guaranteed.


Nike has REALLY cleaned up their act in the last several years, but with a standard of no slave labor, they still have quite a way to go. In 1992, activist Jeff Ballinger published an exposé in "Harpers" that revealed the story of a child in Indonesia working in disgusting conditions, and for a mere 14 cents per hour (far below the minimum wage in Indonesia at the time).

Since then, Nike has begun to report supply chain information. The most recent report claims that, in 2016, only 86% of their factories were up to the minimum standards they set. Though they give a good indication of how far the company has come, these standards are set by Nike and assessed internally, making it difficult to compare standards to a universal one.

INSTEAD: shop at Patagonia! All products here are Fair Trade Certified!


Starbucks claims a mission for ethical sourcing, meaning their company policy requires them to abide by a standard of "ethical sourcing" that they have created. They only have two Fair-Trade coffees available for purchase. After the development charity Oxfam reported that Starbucks was depriving Ethiopian coffee growers of $90 million every year, Starbucks was challenged by the public eye to “clean up their act,” and did so by creating their own “ethical sourcing” standards, that they implement themselves, and certify 99% of their coffee with. Whether or not these standards are viable, they are not Fair Trade Certified at this time.

The U.S. Department of Labor has a list of locations and goods that use forced and child labor. Starbucks lists coffees from countries such as Guatamala, Kenya, Costa Rica and Panama; however, none of these single-sourced coffees are certified by them as “Fair Trade.” Rather, they are all regions that are known to use child labor.

INSTEAD: buy the Starbucks Italian Roast and Café Estima; they are certified by Fair Trade! You can also order online from Café Justo, Jurang and Equal Exchange —entire companies dedicated to producing Fair Trade coffee.


A 2016 report stated that as of December 31, 2015, 31 out of 72 H&M suppliers were using illegal contracts. In other words, these contracts allowed for wrongful termination. Now I know what you are thinking: the current system of hiring/firing in the U.S. is full of problems, and it takes way too much work to fire a bad employee in most cases. Well, the situation in countries like Cambodia and India are a little different. Often times, employees of H&M will be forced to work for excessive overtime hours—far beyond the legal limit—with no increase in their weekly take home pay. They are also often working in sweatshop conditions, with no breaks and unsanitary environments. Moreover, the contracts allow the factory to fire a worker for refusing to work these long hours. In fact, a garment worker in Cambodia stated: "We often get sick around once a month. We don’t eat enough and work too much trying to maximize the piece rate. Also, we don’t stop to go to the bathroom. We often work through lunch breaks or go back into work early, so there is hardly any time to rest."

INSTEAD: shop at one of these other retailers that are guaranteed to have fair-trade labor!


Well, this one is probably the least suprising yet. According to a 2016 report by the Wage Alliance on Walmart's value chain, Walmart refused to sign the 2013 Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh that 200 companies signed following the collapse of Rana Plaza. It also stated that all 14 factories in Cambodia were studied, and they all violated local overtime laws consistently, with some forcing 14 hour work days without overtime pay "in sweltering heat, without adequate supply of clean drinking water or any breaks." These same conditions were expressed by workers in factories in India, Indonesia, and Bangladesh. The report continued to list countless instances of workers given severely less than they were promised, or even cases where owners of factories fled without paying workers at all.

INSTEAD: OK, I know it's hard to pass up Walmart prices. However, here is a full list of companies that are fair trade. Even if you start small, I know you can find a way to cut back on your slavery footprint! Want to know how many slaves work for you now? Visit the Slavery Footprint mission to find out.

*I use the term “fair wage” because many people who are enslaved are trapped in a cycle of debt bondage. This means that an individual or family works for pennies per hour to pay off an ever-increasing debt. Oftentimes this debt is passed down for generations. To learn more about debt bondage and other forms of slavery, visit the non-profit End Slavery Now, here.

Cover Image Credit: iragelb / Flickr

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17 Holidays Coming This May That You Need To Prepare For Now

It's going to be May!


Oh the month of May, the month of spring, the winding down of the school year with summer slowly approaching. May is notoriously known as the month that holds Mothers Day, but did you know that there are actually a handful of holidays happening in the month of May that are just as exciting as Mothers Day? Well, in case you didn't, I've decided to list a few.

1. May is National Salad Month


Oh yeah, celebrate your healthy side and try out numerous salads throughout the month of May!

2. May is National Hamburger Month


Not a salad fan? Well fret not because you can get your loose pants on to celebrate national burger month by trying different burgers everyday! Actually, for health purposes, you probably shouldn't. But hey, I do not judge your journey.

3. May is Older Americans Month


Take the time during the month of May to appreciate our older Americans. Go out and spend time with your granny, or heck volunteer at your local assisted living area or nursing home - those guys need some loving too.

4. International Tuba Day - May 3rd


This day falls on the first Friday of every May which happens to be the third! Go on and celebrate your tuba playing or your tuba playing friends!

5. Lumpy Rug Day - May 3rd


This day is always celebrated on May 3rd. This is the day where we take the time to appreciate a good rug. How do you enjoy lumpy rug day? Go buy yourself a new lumpy rug. Or, take the time to appreciate the rug you own.

6. Free Comic Book Day - May 4th


This day always falls on the first Saturday of the month of May. Go to your local comic book shop on this day to pick up some new comics you've been dying to read. Maybe even brush up on your comic book knowledge for Endgame (even tho it has already hit theaters by then).

7. Clean Up Your Room Day - May 10th


Hey, May is spring and spring is for cleaning.

8. International Migratory Bird Day - May 11th


This day falls on the second Saturday of every may. Take the time to go out into nature and learn about the bird flying into your area for the season.

9. National Windmill Day - May 11th


This is a traditional Holiday celebrated in Holland, the land of the Windmills. Take the time to brush up on your native roots or brush up on a new culture and dwell in this nation's pride in their windmills. Trust me, the history of it all is actually interesting.

10. Dance Like A Chicken Day - May 14th


Life is too serious guys. Take the time to dance like a chicken.

11. National Bike To Work Day - May 17th


In a time where our planet is needing clean energy more than ever, dust off your ol' bike and ride it to work. Hey, you may actually be touching base with that New Year's resolution you made about being more active by engaging with this holiday.

12. No Dirty Dishes Day - May 18th


Let's face it, dishes are the worst! This is the day where the goal is to not make any dirty dishes so that you can give yourself a break from doing the dishes. How can this be done? Use biodegradable, disposable dishes or take the family out to eat for all three meals!

13. World Goth Day - May 22nd


Black not your color? Well, have no fear because this day is not about wearing black, but about goth culture. Celebrate you uniqueness this day. Maybe listen to some Black Veil Brides for old times sake.

14. Don't Fry Friday - May 24th


Always celebrated the Friday before memorial day, don't fry Friday is the day to remember that summer is approaching and you need to take the proper steps to help protect the skin on your body. Sunscreen baby, sunscreen!

15. National Brown Bag It Day - May 25th


Very few people take their lunches in brown paper bags. Take it back to old school times and take your lunch in a brown paper bag.

16. Water A Flower Day - May 30th


Take the time to love Mother Earth by taking care of her plants on this day.

17. Save Your Hearing Day - May 31st


This is the day to take the time to learn about what causes hearing loss and how to prevent it.

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