Being a female is not easy. I was thinking about this while in the shower looking at everything I needed to take a decent shower. And that's where I thought of my top reasons on why being a female can be so extra.

Women go through a ton of physical change.. that includes going through puberty which makes us grow breasts, having monthly periods, experiencing mood changes, and not to mention the ability to give birth. With it all, it comes with the cost of us having to buy sanitary napkins (which may I say are not cheap), buy bras (again, NOT CHEAP) that are unnecessary, but then again necessary "girl" things, such as perfume, lotion and etc.

Then again, not every girl is the same, but a big majority of females go through so much to look decent in public. This can include having to have the "necessary" things in the shower, such as shampoo, conditioner, face wash, body wash, shaving cream and of course, a razor. And I know some girls who have a whole skin care routine that they follow because they break out easily. And each bottle can be between $5 and $10.

Other than the physical changes, we also go through a ton of mental change. The biggest mental change are the mental hormones, such as the need for pleasure and having to find our way around it. Men aren't the only ones who crave it, women have an even stronger urge. Especially when the woman is getting closer to her period week. But that's just one small part of mental change. Women also start changing their likes and dislikes on men. We suddenly start seeing older men as attractive, which may be a hard thing to get used to. Therefore we find ways to distract ourselves. And personally, the best way is through food (another expense).

Other than those two obvious changes, there many more small changes that happen. An example is a change in appearance (change of wardrobe). And changes in daily routines. And both of these cost two things.. money and lots of time. As well as a sudden need to get the newest things (newest phone and newest pieces for the wardrobe).

But then again, all the pros outweigh the cons about being a female. Females have done so much good in this world and it makes me proud to be a part of a group who fought for rights.