Advice for High School Students from a College Freshman.

Some high school students might read this and think, "Ugh, I don't need this information," or maybe, "You're just a college freshman; you don't know anything!" But the facts must be faced that I automatically know more about college than any current high school student knows up to this point. Take this advice because it will help you become a more mature person. Take this advice because it could offer guidance when you are lost. Take this advice just because it'll help you become a more tolerable and decent human being.

Everything gets better.

You might currently be in this really bad fight with your closest friend, or you just failed a test, or perhaps you are just in the shittiest mood. Just know that everything truly does get better. Situations, most often, will work out and everything will end up fine. You are going to be okay. Everything will turn out good, and usually for the better.

Stop stressing.

I know how stressful your first AP course might be, or how incredibly stressed out you must be your senior year of high school. Trust me; I know. I've been there. But don't stress. You probably won't be able to see how much you're stressing out over teeny, tiny little assignments until you're in college, but save yourself the trouble of self-embarrassment and stop stressing out so much!!!! You don't need that!!!!

Don't make a big deal out of everything. No one cares.

I can not emphasize the importance of this piece of advice enough. Stop over-exaggerating. So what if your friends hung out without you? No one cares. It's an excuse to make more friends. You're not going to care what Becky said behind your back in 10th grade when you're in college doing you. No one is going to remember that one time you wore the same shirt as that weird girl in your English class. Don't care so much about things that don't matter because they will block out the things that do matter.

Do Scholarships.

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Do all the scholarships. Get all the money. You will not regret it one bit. Fill out scholarships as early as you can and fill out as many that you can.

Enjoy everything.

I remember going to Freshmen Night or something lame like that and listening to the school principal say something along the lines of, "High school can often be the best four years of your life." And this statement is true for most. Enjoy everything that your high school has to offer. Join clubs, cheer on at the sports games, attend or be a part of the musical. Participate in extra-curricular activities that you enjoy. Get involved because it will make happy memories to look back on. If you stick to yourself or refuse to join clubs, then you're probably going to hate high school.

I hope you take this advice and apply it to the rest of your high school career. Hopefully you'll end up a decent human being after. Make good choices; stay in school, don't do drugs, be chill.

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