I sIf I could go back to my freshman year I would do a lot of things very differently. Upcoming freshman-- here is some advice to you. This advice comes from experience and I believe that everyone should take some of what I am saying to heart. Then again, if you want to do it on your own and go in blind like I did, no harm in that either.

1. Be involved.

This isn't high school where you have to be in every club to look good on a college application, you've done it. You're in college now. However, being involved in clubs, sororities/fraternities, or even just leave your dorm door open while you are in there. OK, so I know that last one sounds weird but trust me, if you leave your door open the first week of college, you will meet just about everyone. If you become more involved in activities then you will feel more at ease. This was hard for me because I was such a shy freshman but once volleyball activities started, I met some great friends.

2. Be yourself.

The first couple weeks of college are the hardest because you are getting into that new groove. Movies and TV give us several ideas of how college should be, don't listen. My first roommate was in hysterics the first two weeks of school because she wasn't making friends like how it seemed. Some things take time, if you aren't making friends the first couple weeks of college, please please don't freak out I promise you that you will make friends in college.

3. Still focus on your studies.

You will get caught up in college life and actually studying will not be your first priority. Remember why you are in college, to graduate and be in your fantastic career! Just make sure you don't lose track of your priorities.

4. Don't panic.

You may have been a honors student in high school, valedictorian, the whole package, but don't panic if you notice that you aren't still a honors student in college. Remember that you are at a whole new level and it is perfectly okay if you are not a honors student anymore. I have seen a lot of students fall apart because they didn't understand.

5. Take your keys with you everywhere.

Last but not least, your dorm keys are your tightest buddy. Get a good lanyard, one that isn't flimsy and can withstand your thick dorm keys along with your student ID. It is a very bad time if you lose a key or your ID because they get you everywhere. I was not used to having keys on me at all times and that turned out very badly for me quite a few times.

6. Hug your family.

Appreciate everything your family does for you. I know that sounds cheesy but when I left to be on my own, oh, man, did I get hit with reality! I had to do my own grocery shopping, which, by the way, they did not teach me in high school, I had to constantly have clean clothes which means I had to do laundry. In order to do laundry I had to buy my own laundry detergent and that is not cheap, not to mention I had to have enough quarters to do my loads of laundry. There is so much more and trust me you will understand once you go out on your own, but make sure you appreciate everything your family is doing for you.

College is an amazing experience and even with all the things I would do differently I still had a blast. Most importantly, have fun. College won't be the best years of your life because you still have so much life to live but it sure is a time to remember.