Well ya'll, there's always that moment that will come when we have to do what we millennials like to call 'adulting'. At 18 years old, we think we have reached this point since we make our way off to college and start a new chapter of our lives as we venture out to become an individual and discover ourselves away from the place and people we called home. Sure...this adds a little bit of adulthood into our life...but we have no idea what is to come. Until of course, the day we finally graduate from college and reach the age where we have all of the responsibilities and no safety net of our professors and parents. Car insurance, health insurance, electricity and water bills, cleaning, laundry, actually cooking for yourself, and going to a job instead of parties every single day. This my friends, is when the real breakdowns and 'adulting' begins. Here is what you can expect.

1. Make sure your carpet is comfortable wherever you decide to live because you may be sleeping on the floor until you can afford a mattress...

Or for all the mental breakdowns you are likely to experience in your future.

2. Keep a low stock of food.

Not only will you most likely not be able to afford much more than ramen, but you will avoid gaining the post grad 20 from stress eating those bags of Hostess Donuts and Doritos.

3. Stay away from anything cute and fluffy.

Yes, you will want to keep them....but no, you are not yet responsible or rich enough...and yes, the neighbors will notice their dog is missing. #studentloans

4. You will become boring.

No more three days in a row of going out and taking shots with the girls. You'll be passed out in bed by 12...and that's 'staying out'.

5. You never have any free time, and when you do...you sleep or binge watch Netflix with your cat.

This is when you realize you need friends but admit you are too lazy to try.

6. This may also result in drinking a bottle (or bottles) of wine alone at home.

Or...technically it's not really drinking alone if your dog is home, right?

7. Best to buy yourself a dictionary of some sort.

You'll be hearing a lot of foreign words such as mortgage, escrow, dividends, prenuptual, and...OK my brain hurts.

8. Make lots of money.

Because you'll be expected to not only pay your students loans but save for an IRA, savings, 401K, 529 plans, stocks, your future kid's tuition, a home, new car that won'k break down, and presents for your mom and siblings at Christmas and birthdays.

9. Get used to constantly being out of data.

No more being on mom and dad's family plan...you're on your own, and you begin reconsidering a flip phone.

10. Discover your new independent self.

The transition will be hell, don't get me wrong, but through the process you will rediscover yourself as someone who is OK, happy even, with being alone (and then you hate being around people for too long).