New Adulthood Decisions I Am Having Trouble With For The Fist Time
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Student Life

New Adulthood Decisions I Am Having Trouble With For The Fist Time

A wise man once said, "More money, more problems."

New Adulthood Decisions I Am Having Trouble With For The Fist Time
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Summertime is just a preview to post-grad life. If you find yourself in a paid internship like myself, then you find yourself the closest to adulthood you can be in. If you are even more like me, and this is the first time that the summer is bringing you not only solid work experience but good money, you might find yourself with a number of issues you didn’t know existed. Many people call these first world problems, but I don’t like being basic so I’ll just call them adulthood internship problems. Here are a couple I have noticed that were never an issue before this summer:

1. Getting gas before or after work.

This one drives me crazy. I know I should fill up after work. I know that come the morning seeing the gas light on will ruin my day, but at the end of the work day I want nothing more than to park the jeep and call it a day. I’m a so use to having a low gas tank from not making money that seeing the gas light on doesn’t really rattle me like it should. I’m testing the limits and I know it’s a dangerous game to be playing.

The kicker to this, I live and work in the city. That means the gas options are limited. As far as I know there are two options for gas in downtown Columbus. If I can’t get to those two spots I am out of luck. In the morning though I can hit a United Dairy Farmer’s around the corner and parlay the full tank with a coffee, that typical wins out in my brain. Unfortunately, that leads me to having to wake up early. Which leads me to this.

2. Going to the gym before class/work or after.

Not only am I bringing in big boy dollars this summer but also covering some credits from taking summer classes. To balance this schedule that means I’m taking early summer classes, which means if I do want to work out I have to wake up at the crack of dawn to get a work out in. Now, I have very little reason to work out these days outside of personal confidence, but I would like to have some confidence when I take my shirt off. In order to do this that means I have to hit the gym before class. Is that really worth the missed sleep? I still don’t know.

I do a couple days with the morning workout but tend to slid off. In the pass I got the benefit of organized football workouts. Now, I’m on my own to get big. But why am I trying to get big? I’m not playing anymore why workout? Why wake up early and miss sleep? This is the cycle I find myself in. It’s awful, just makes me want a nap.

3. Nap or coffee?

This one isn’t necessarily new. I have loved coffee since I was out of the womb. It was probably the first thing I thought of actually….right now I want coffee, but also I want to fall asleep. Now I know, I have read the studies telling me that both when used properly result in the best rest. Honestly, though I don’t know how to do that. I either drink 3 cups or nap for 2 hours or that’s it. It’s one or the other with me which adds to this predicament. I love both, and I can’t really make up my mind.

4. Staying in or going out?

This decision is as old as time. I get it, such first world problems. Here is the thing, I’ve been on the other side. I remember what it is like to not be able to go out. Now that I have money I feel like I should go out, because somewhere there is a young Grant Miller looking at me asking why I am not taking advantage of my situation. This old Grant Miller has to look at the young guy and convince him that sometimes a night in is the best, but that doesn’t go over well, because well I dig going out. While it might hurt my wallet and sleep the next day I’ll never turn down and invite to go out.

These are all rather new to me, and while they are quite honestly the most privileged first world issues I could have I enjoy knowing that I at least have the option to actually fill the whole gas tank up and not just throw $20 bucks in the tank. Or that I actually have a gym membership to use. These are all positives that I enjoy. I’m just happy I have a choice at this point.

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