Contrary to popular belief, coloring books are not only for children. Adult coloring books are becoming increasingly popular due to their proven ability to relieve stress and focus the mind. What started as a hobby only taken up by a small group of people has turned into a trend that is transforming the way we cope with stress.

Researchers and art therapists have been studying the positive benefits that coloring has on our health, and the results have been astounding. Coloring or pursuing some form of art therapy helps increase self awareness, focuses the mind, and acts as an alternative to meditation. Research shows that adult coloring is most effective when precision is the main goal. In response to this, companies have popularized the use of fine point colored pencils or felt tip markers.

Adult coloring books are now easily accessible due to the responsiveness of brands like Crayola to this new trend that is sweeping the nation. Coloring guides have been published to maximize the positive effects of coloring that demonstrate how to blend colors and what pressure to apply to get a particular desired outcome.

Although coloring is an effective form of coping with stress and increasing mindfulness, it is not the same as art therapy. If you are suffering from severe anxiety or are seeking a more in depth solution, another form of therapy might be more suitable for your case. But if you're looking for a good way to unwind and focus your mind, try coloring. Use colored pencils or a fine tip marker to help you tune in and clear your mind. Happy coloring!