I Am Not You: An ADHD Slam Poem

“There’s no way you need that much time to study”

Yes, there is. Because I am not like you, my brain is not like your brain, I am not you

“It only takes me 2 hours to study” Well lucky you but like I said, I am not you

It must be nice to have self-discipline, to control your distractions but you see, I am not like that I cannot do that

“Just try to focus” That’s right you don’t have ADHD you don’t live in my world so let’s see what happens if I “just try to focus”

“Try to drown the noises out” I can’t. I cannot choose what to focus on I try focusing on one thing and my brain tells me to focus on another I know I have to do this but my brain tells me that’s not important right now.

My brain tells me the cars in the parking lot are more interesting than my assignment my brain tells me that girl’s blonde hair is pretty and that I should stare at that rather than studying for my exam my brain tells me to focus on the blank wall behind my friend in the middle of an important conversation. I know I should be listening to my friend but my brain tells me to stare at every person that passes by behind her.

I get told to try to control my ADHD but you see ADHD is not easy ADHD is not a thing you can control ADHD is a real disorder

I am not you but you see I don’t want to be because I am my ADHD, and my ADHD is me.

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