Adele Understands You're End-Of-The-Semester Struggles

Ah yes, the final countdown. You're caffeine addiction has been waiting for this time of year, your bed will miss you. It's okay though because Adele, the goddess she is, understands your pain.

All you want to do is have nothing to do. You want to lay by your Christmas tree (or Menorah) and drink wine and be marry and your last speed bump is finals.

There were times you could’ve tried harder over the semester, that would’ve made this whole thing easier, but hey Adele ain’t judging.

You prepare and you prepare and you turn in project after paper after presentation during Dead Week

Wanting to explode at your group project members for not pulling their weight

You calculate the bare minimum you have to perform to pass every class on Moodle.

It's not just your school work that's making you frazzled, it's balancing it with all of the end of the semester celebrations and Christmas parties.

But then before you know it, the madness begins and you walk into your first test with hope

Some finals you leave a new self confidence you didn't know you had

Some make you spiral into depression, but you try not to let it affect your whole life

Coffee becomes your constant companion

Now we’re here. You’re slap happy and you text your friends random things that make no sense. You’re losing it.

You have stressed induced dreams, the subjects range from being drowned by burritos to finding out your pregnant during a final.

You have dreams you missed your final.

The moment you start to fizzle hits you about Wednesday. You're now a library zombie.

You don't let the bad times get you down though, because you're close to the end. You try to inspire what's life of yourself.

And do a little dance on your way out of your last final.

And you try to inspire your friends who are stuck with Saturday finals, from the other side of course.

You finally crawl, drag and pry your way through finals. You can do it. Adele doesn’t want you to sweat it. We can do this together. You can cry to her latest album while pondering and questioning all the things you did at Bogie's or while taking a test that you blacked out from anxiety during. You're going to make it out alive, hopefully with a fraction of the grace Adele has.

I mean, a girl can dream.

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