Adapting To A Change In Distance In A Relationship

This past fall, I entered my first real relationship. It is everything I have ever wanted. But adapting this relationship into my lifestyle wasn't always the easiest. It took a lot of adjusting, and now that my boyfriend and I are three hours away from each other, I have more adjusting to do.

Before I entered this relationship, I was very independent. I did everything by myself. Things like going grocery shopping, going to eat, or going to the movies were all common things that I did solo. And I enjoyed that time alone! I always talked about how I wanted a special someone too, though. When I got that, it was hard for me to break my independent style.

I had to adjust to telling someone where I was going or what I wanted to do, just as a courtesy to my boyfriend so he knew what was going on. I had to get used to someone tagging along with me and also being the person tagging along with him. I had to learn how to spend hours upon hours with him without letting things get on my nerves. I had to learn how to schedule myself properly for this new addition. While this was difficult for me and often frustrating, once I adapted, it was great, I loved every minute.

I always wanted to be with my boyfriend.

Now, we are three hours away from each other, which is honestly not bad, but still very different. Now, I have to adjust again. It is really hard. I can't just go back to being completely independent because my brain doesn't work like that anymore and I still have my boyfriend, just not as much. Honestly, the first week of this was extremely hard. We had to learn to communicate better through texts and calls. I also had to find ways to occupy myself to keep me from being extremely sad. It wasn't easy for me. Now, I am getting into the grove and we have a routine of life and calls and it's getting a lot easier.

All this being said, this type of transition for couples is not easy but it makes both the relationship and the individuals stronger. As much as I would love for our situation to be different, I love knowing we are growing as a couple.

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