14 Actual Quotes From Psychology Majors

Psychology is one of those majors that has some pretty strong stereotypes surrounding it. Some are true, some are so inaccurate it's almost funny, some are really dark and depressing. I decided to compile a list of direct quotes from some fellow Psychology majors and put it all together to set the record straight and maybe laugh a little bit.

1. "Everyone assumes that we don't need math or science."

Psychology is literally the scientific study of the human mind, it's functions and behavior. We use the scientific method. We use actual math, like, you know, statistics, while conducting experiments and analyzing data. Just like every other scientific study. Shocker!

2. "I literally had someone ask me why I was studying all of the time if I was a Psychology major."

Just refer to #1. Also, two words: case studies.

3. "Having a mental illness as a Psychology major just makes you more depressed."

You analyze yourself, you understand the science behind it... it really is a giant double edged sword.

4. "The Oedipus complex is real."

Uh... I am a little concerned about this one. Let's move on.

5. "People always assume I am going to be a therapist. I am actually seeking to be in law enforcement."

Psychology is arguably the most broad major with careers available in law enforcement, human services, research, medical, business, etc. We can literally do anything we want.

6. "I don't actually do feelings... it makes me uncomfortable."

A direct quote from one of my professors. Again, as stated in #6, not all of us are looking to be a counselor or therapist. Please don't unload all of your life history onto us with that assumption. It is so uncomfortable.

7. "I'm not capable of diagnosing you."

Just being a Psychology major means we definitely do not have the credentials to diagnose you... we'll leave that to the guys with doctorates.

8. "When I tell someone I am going to be in the clinical psych field, they always say 'Oh, so you're gonna deal drugs?'"

Yeah, we are just a bunch of pushers. Drug pushers. Actually, don't repeat that.

9. "We learned it's bad to marry your first cousin. Thanks, Darwin."

He of course had to test it out himself, first, just to be sure. Freud also had something to say about family matters (refer to #4).

10."People will literally ask me to tell them what they are thinking about in that moment like I am psychic."

We aren't mind-readers. Just stop.

11. "There's always that one non-psych friend in the group appalled at our conversations."

Serial killers fascinate us. A lot of sarcasm and inappropriate, dark jokes. Also, sex. Lot's of sex.

12. "I'm analyzing you, not judging you."

Well, maybe a little judgement sometimes. It's all with good intentions! Usually.

13. "It's true, we analyze everything. It's terrible. We can't turn it off."

Literally everything. We never stop thinking. Everything has meaning. It is a curse we often wish we didn't have.

14. "You know that assumption that all psychology majors are in the major to understand themselves? It's true."

We all have our shit. Some shit is worse than others, but that's just like everyone else. We are people, too.

Or are we?

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