Self-Care In College Shouldn't Be A Second Thought

Self-Care In College Shouldn't Be A Second Thought

The importance of finding time for yourself, being selfish and creating a healthier you.

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College life can be stressful, eventful and ultimately time-consuming; with course work, friends and maybe even a job to worry about, sometimes it might be difficult to find the time to look after yourself both mentally and physically. Self-care does not solely revolve around appearance, rather the way you feel internally, and achieving a healthy balance of self-care, day-to-day, will inspire your mind, lift your mood, and ultimately help you achieve a more peaceful life.

Taking care of yourself mentally should be your first priority in order to decrease your stress levels and have a more relaxed outlook on the environment around you. Writing down everything you have to accomplish two weeks ahead of time gives you a direct overview of your schedule, which will help break down all of your responsibilities. Spacing out any assignments or duties ahead of time will allow you to complete everything one step at a time without cramming everything into one day. Organizing and spreading out your obligations will allow more time for self reflection concerning possible new hobbies or activities you never had the time to try.

Once you have a clear concept of all your obligations, it is important to work in a time and space to clear your head and do something that brings you joy everyday. Whether you prefer yoga, working out, reading a book or even going on a walk, any activity that brings you mental peace will help to further alleviate stress and anxiety. Taking a break, even when you don't have much time to do so, is very therapeutic if you have a lot going on because it allows you to clear your mind and focus on something less pressuring throughout your day. Choosing to remain active or taking a small break will give you a stronger headspace to tackle the rest of your to-do list on a daily basis.

College life varies with every individual and some days or weeks may take up more energy than others. It is important to put yourself first and take life at your own pace without being influenced by others. Putting your happiness above all else will result in a healthier state of mind in order to move forward each day feeling energized and joyful. Sometimes it takes a little selfishness to truly understand your capabilities and desires as an individual, so that you can recognize the people you should be around and the activities you should and should not take part in. Making yourself a priority pushes you to become more independent, allows you to reconnect with your inner self and creates a serene dynamic within your life.

Self care in college shouldn't be pushed aside because of a busy schedule, it should be incorporated into your everyday life to help you succeed. Understanding your limits and needs is a crucial aspect to becoming a healthier and happier individual; ultimately strengthening your self-love and giving you an inner and outer glow.

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