10 Ways For Guys To Accessorize
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10 Ways For Guys To Accessorize

Helpful fashion add-ons for men.

10 Ways For Guys To Accessorize

When it comes to accessories, I feel as though guys think there isn't that much to offer for them on the fashion spectrum –– um, so not true. With the right mindset, I am confident you can make something out of seemingly "nothing." By "nothing" I mean you can take something super simple and turn it into the center of attention with whatever you decide to wear. I'll give you some helpful suggestions on how to do this, but take good mental notes! This will come in handy for you when you're deciding what to wear on any given day!

1. Some mystery goes a long way with sunglasses

Sunglasses are irresistible on a confident guy who knows he looks good with or without them. Something I really love about them is that they certainly add a dimension of mystery to a person, which definitely attracts attention. Here's a piece of advice: You should definitely try this when the sun is too much to bear outside. Whilst you're doing yourself a favor by protecting your sensitive eyes, be aware that those glasses are also taking your outfit up a notch!

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2. Part of how "class" is defined is through a man's watch

I always think of my best friend when I think of watches. All he talks about is what he already owns and what he hopes to purchase later, which I think is awesome because he always buys quality watches! Having at least one watch in your possession is something I would suggest for any guy. Not only does it show class as I stated before, but it also sets you apart as a man who cares about his overall look –– which is super important. When buying one, just be aware of what sort of watch it is. Is it a watch you can wear to work? Dinner? Casual outings? Think first, then purchase.

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3. Who said hats weren't accessories?

If anyone ever told you that hats don't count as accessories for men, they just lied to you big time. There are a variety of hats men can wear to show off their personalities and styles! You just gotta find the right one and flaunt it with the right outfit!

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4. A simple but sophisticated necklace

This is one of my personal favorites because if achieved well, again, a man's outfit could be taken from five to fifteen in the split of a second. Seriously. I remember buying one for one of my brother figures, whom I've known for many years now, and I found him wearing it all the time! Definitely not surprised about that because I know I chose the right one! If you know you're a necklace guy, make sure you wear a necklace that you love and makes you feel good. Don't feel the need to buy one you think will stand out "loudly" because that might do too much. Get something simple and rock that with the appropriate outfit.

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5. A bracelet that screams you

Wearing a bracelet is something I always notice on a guy if I think it looks good on him. I remember first noticing one of my really good guy friend's bracelets a while ago and thinking, "Wow, this guy has some taste!" This is a wonderful guy from Connecticut who I found can put simple pieces together (outfit-wise) and make something really good from them. Anyway, I always see him with this thick and brown bracelet, which I hope he knows always adds to his outfit! I absolutely love that!

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6. A variety of scarves for those harsh winters

Every guy needs some variety in his life. What are you going to do when it's too cold outside? Wear the same scarf over and over again? No! You gotta do something different every now and then! I sincerely believe guys need to own several colors and designs of scarves to add some life into their personality despite the weather!

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7. A pair of black framed bold glasses – if you really need glasses to see

Before you read on, I want you to know that this suggestion specifically is not for every guy out there. In order to execute it, you need to be aware of your facial shape. If you've tried the glasses on and found that they don't work for you, trust your gut. Sometimes your gut screams louder than what you hope will work out, so make sure you listen closely! Don't feel bad if this doesn't work for you because it's not for everyone.

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8. A variety of ties that compliment you

This idea is similar to the suggestion I brought up on number six. You as a man need to know how to spice up your attire depending on the occasion and what you just feel like wearing. There is no way you can keep wearing the same tie thinking you're adding variety to your wardrobe because you're not. Do something different. Do a different pattern one day, a different color, etc. It'll go a long way. Trust me.

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9. If you're a bag kinda guy, this is for you

If you like bags, you definitely don't have to buy 20 bags like some of us women do. I'd suggest maybe two or three maximum that you use every now and then! If used well, this is something that will definitely be noticed by people. It's subtle, but it still makes a huge difference! Try it out!

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10. If you want to be really bold, go for an earring or two

If you really –– really –– want to be bold, you can consider this. I feel like with earrings, if done right, it adds a certain kind of edge to a guy. If you know this is something you want to try eventually or feel it's something that will add to your personality, I say go for it. This is not for everyone, but it's a simple suggestion for those guys out there that want to take that leap of faith to see how bold and confident they can look. By all means, go for it. Accessorize away gentlemen. But, accessorize smart.

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