21 Of The Absolute Worst Things About Retail

Whether you work in retail or if you haven't and you shop, (because who doesn't), take these 21 scenarios into consideration when you're out and about.

1. Smiling. Like, all day long.

Why do I have to smile all the time? People know I do not want to be here.

2. When someone comes into the store at 8:54 and you close at 9:00.

Like...do you not see the sign. And when they ask what time you close and you say "8:54" and they say "okay" and continue to take their sweet, old time.

3. When someone wants to return an item, claiming it's not worn, but there are 678 spots of dirt on it.

And it's over the 60 day period when you are allowed to return it.

4. When you clean a section, and 30 seconds later, it's messed up again.

It's like, why do I even clean in the middle of the day?



6. When people give you an attitude, and you can't give them one back without getting in trouble.

I'm only not giving you an attitude because I don't want to get fired.

7. Talking in the walkie talkies about nonsense.

"My stomach is grumbling so loud... anyone want anything from Five Below?"

8. When people ask "Do you work here?" when you're clearly wearing a lanyard and a headset.

Is this a trick question?

9. When people ask if you have a specific size because they can't find it, and you walk over and find their size in 2.5 seconds.

People are just too lazy to look or they love being waited on.


"Cheyenne" by Jason Derulo, I'm looking at you. I'm also looking at all of the One Direction songs.

11. When people think you can just give them coupons for just coming to your register.

I think people just want to get me fired.

12. When people get mad at you for the prices, like you can control it.

Nope, I just sell the shoes.

13. When people ask you for random price changes.

"Can I have a discount because there's a spot on the shoe?" *pulls out cleaner and cleans the shoe, looking brand new* "...Can I still get a discount?"

14. When people think you're lying when you say we don't have stock in the back.

Why would I be lying about that?

15. When people complain about the clearance prices being too expensive.

Well, $50 is less than the original $85, so that is a discounted price.

16. When the day is really slow and your shift gets REALLY boring.

Has it really only been two hours since I got here?

17. When you're already talking to a customer and another one comes up and interrupts.

No, I wasn't in the middle of something or anything. It's cool.

18. When you get ignored when you say "Hi, how are you?" when someone walks in.

Yeah, I don't have feelings or anything.

19. When someone asks for your manager and your manager tells them the same thing you did.


20. When a customer threatens to "take their money elsewhere."

It's not effecting my pay, so...

21. Or when they give you the occasional "I'm never shopping here again."

I just really don't care.

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