The ABCs Of Lexington, Kentucky That Everyone Should Visit
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Student Life

The ABCs Of Lexington, Kentucky That Everyone Should Visit

Whether you are a Lexington local, a freshman at the University of Kentucky, a senior, or just visiting the area here are 26 businesses to visit.

The ABCs Of Lexington, Kentucky That Everyone Should Visit
Grace Jones

A. Adele

This charming boutique offers everything from fine jewelry to furniture and is located in Chevy Chase, a very quaint part of town.

B. Bella Note

This restaurant has the best Italian food in Lexington in my opinion!

C. Carson's

This is a restaurant located in Downtown Lexington and offers amazing brunch as well as excellent dinner options.

D. DV8 Kitchen

With all most all of their food made in house, this is a go-to breakfast spot near the University of Kentucky, I recommend the French toast sticks!

E. El Cinco

El Cinco has the best Mexican food in town and will not disappoint!

F. Fayette Mall

This local mall has something for everyone!

G. Good Fellas Pizzeria

If you like New York Style pizza this is the perfect place for you!

H.Huddle House

If you are a college student craving homestyle food or just like homestyle food, this is a great option.

I. Indi's Famous Fried Chicken

This a perfect fast food lunch spot that offers the best-fried chicken in Lexington.

J. Joe Bolognas

This Italian Pizzeria is known for its hot subs and has 2 locations in Lexington!

K. Kentucky Sports Radio Bar and Grill

This is the perfect place to catch a Kentucky game as they offer many gameday specials!

L. Lexington Green Mall

This mall offers a delicious restaurant and one of the only book stores in Lexington!

M. Malones

This upscale restaurant has some of the best drinks and steaks that Lexington has to offer!

N. North Lime Coffee and Donuts

If you are looking for a quick breakfast, this donut joint is the place to go!

O. OBC Kitchen

This upscale bar has some of the best American bar foods in Lex!

P. Parkette Drive-In

This nostalgic restaurant will take you back to the 1950s with its diner decorations and amazing burgers!

Q. Qdoba

Even though this is a chain restaurant, it's always a go-to Mexican option!

R. Ramsey's Diner

With some of the best pie in town, Ramsey's has amazing homecooked food options!

S. Summit at Fritz Farm

The Summit offers high-end shopping experiences with many restaurants to choose from!

T. Tolly Ho

On the University of Kentucky's Campus, this is the perfect place to get a late-night bite!

U. The University of Kentucky

While exploring Lexington the University of Kentucky is a must-see!

V. Vina's Tea Room

With very homey décor. Vina's Tea Room is the perfect place to relax!

W. Waffle House

This go-to chain is a popular place for a quick breakfast!

Although there are no businesses in Lexington that begin with X, Y, or Z, there are so many places to explore!

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