The ABCs Of Hope College
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Student Life

The ABCs Of Hope College

The ABCs Of Hope College
Hope College

There are so many wonderful things that make Hope College, Hope College, whether those be on campus or in the surrounding community here are a few things that Hope unique.

A is for Anchor

Take your picture here every year.

B is for Brinner

Every semester during exam week, Phelps dining hall opens up late and dishes out some awesome breakfast for stressed out students.

C is for Chapel

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday students gather during community hour to praise and worship together.

D is for Dutch

The best mascot in our conference.

E is for Exam week

The hardest week of the year because not only do you have to worry about your finals, but you also have to say goodbye to your friends.

F is for Football

We also have 10 other men's sports and 11 other women's sports.

G is for Good Time Donuts

Midnight donut runs with friends are the best!

H is for Holland

There is shopping, food, and craft beer all just a block from campus.

I is for Intramurals

Inner-tube water polo, anyone? Easily one of the best ways to make new friends.

J is for Jp's

One of the two favorite coffee place in Holland. Great study spot and awesome coffee. #teamjps

K is for Knapp

Easily the nicest and most hospitable presidents you will ever come across. He is the man with the plan. #students4knapp

L is for Lemonjello's

The second of the two coffee shops in town. Another chill study spot with arguably stronger coffee. #teamljs

M is for Major

You might explore a major or two before settling on what is right for you like these nursing students.

N is for Nykerk

A competition between Odd Year and Even Year female students. Over a hundred participate in song, twelve in play, while one gives an eight minute oration.

O is for Orange and Blue

See Hope College's school spirit come out at Basketball games as the Dew Crew comes alive.

P is for Pine Grove

[rebelmouse-proxy-image crop_info="%7B%22image%22%3A%20%22https%3A//" expand=1 original_size="1x1"]

When the hammocks come out you know it's spring.

Q is for Quidditch

Just one of the many clubs at Hope College. You can join language clubs, the newspaper, the sailing team, and so much more.

R is for Rush

There are seven sororities and eight fraternities. Is Greek Life right for you? Find out during spring semester rush.

S is for Study Abroad

Go anywhere during anytime of the year! Adventure is out there!

T is for The Pull

118 year tradition at Hope between the Even and Odd Year Teams. The rivalry is a tug o war competition on the banks of the Black River that brings out Alumnae and students.

U is for Up All Night

Trust me, you will pull an all-nighter, so you might as well do it with friends.

V is for Visiting Writer's Series

Every semester there is a line up of award winning authors that come and read their work. Just another one of the great free activities Hope College hosts.

W is for Winants Auditorium

[rebelmouse-proxy-image crop_info="%7B%22image%22%3A%20%22https%3A//" expand=1 original_size="1x1"]

One of the classrooms in historical Graves Hall.

X is for X-citment

That feeling you get when you know you're returning to campus after a long break.

Y is for You

Because Hope College is not Hope College without its students.

Z is for Zero Parking

I bid you good luck!

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