The ABCs Of The University of Alabama's Greek Life
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The ABCs Of The University of Alabama's Greek Life

Once you get it, it is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

The ABCs Of The University of Alabama's Greek Life

Arguably the most important alphabet next to the Greek one of course. We here at Alabama take these things seriously because it’s not a joke. It’s a lifestyle.

A. Active

The title you can’t wait for the from the moment you open your bid

B. Bid Day

The day you open an envelope that reveals your new home for the next four years. Also, the first time you see frat boys because they will likely be handing out flowers all along sorority row.

C. Crawfish

The creepy little red shellfish that are all over your Instagram timeline because darty season is real

D. Date parties

The one night a month where you have to attempt to find a date for whatever themed party your sorority/fraternity is hosting. Very stressful but also very fun.

E. Extra

The term used to describe almost anyone in the UA Greek community because well, we all are

F. Fried Fridays

The day you can’t wait for because it means the end of the week and all the fried food you can imagine.

G. Game Days

The days that if you’re a girl, they are the days you dig around and drag out your game day pin and pin it to your dress/romper and if you’re a guy, they’re the days you’re forced to put on a navy-blue blazer on a Saturday afternoon in September.

H. Homecoming

The week where your fingers almost fall off due to excessive pomping in your sorority houses’ basement

I. Initiation

The moment when you’re officially an active, but more importantly, you can dance on raised surfaces and drink from cans

J. Jefferson Ave.

The name for one of the two streets that you’re bound to be on if it’s a Friday night in the fall. The houses aren’t as big, but the parties are normally just as fun.

K. Karaoke

The act of thinking you can sing after having a few too many

L. Littles (and Bigs)

The week-long event that leads up to the revealing of who your big or little is)

M. Magnolia Dr.

Now Judy Bonner, but Magnolia Dr. is forever in our hearts

N. Navy Blue Blazers

The not so stylish jackets that all fraternity pledges must wear on every game day until they are initiated

O. Old Row

You may not be in it, and it’s not really real, but everyone knows what it is

P. Pledgeship

The period between getting your bid and initiation that if you’re a girl, is just kind of annoying because of the rules, but if you’re a guy, it’s the weeks that you go through to earn your place in your fraternity.

Q. Quick

The term used to describe a sorority girl getting ready after her sisters easily persuaded her to go out five minutes before the pregame started

R. Rush Week

The eight-day process of trying to impress other girls and trying to find your new home for the next four years

S. Swaps

The themed Thursday night parties that happen between one fraternity and one sorority, usually at the fraternities’ house. Often a toga or animal theme. Kind of like Halloween over and over again

T. T-shirts

The always large or extra-large shirts that you order off of JnJ from a swap, date party, or game day.

U. University Dr.

The road that the other half of the frats are on. They’re the big houses and the ones with the best artists on Friday nights.

V. Very Competitive

The term used to describe UA Greeks when it comes to competing against each other in Homecoming, Greek Week and Derby Days.

W. Wine Wednesday

Not just for Greeks, but arguably one of the best nights of the week.

X. eXtra Athletic

The term many Greeks use to describe themselves after winning beer pong or the beer Olympics.

Y. Yawning

The act that takes place in that Friday class you couldn’t get out of taking because let’s be real here, the weekends start on Thursday nights anyways.

Z. Zaps

The Polaroid-esq pictures that you can order after your swap, philanthropy event, date party, or really any other event that could be photographed. You probably don’t remember taking the picture.

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