Dear Rejection,

Hey, it's me again. As we've advanced beyond the 'strangers' phase in our relationship, I probably should introduce myself. Hi. I'm Emma. You've met me a few times here and there when I was younger, like that one time that I came to you after I found out that, no, I wasn't allowed to eat my entire birthday cake on my 4th birthday. Or, that other time that I confessed to my crush in 6th grade and it didn't go as planned...

However, you probably don't remember me, as our interactions were pretty superficial. I honestly didn't truly get to know you until I was older, because when I was younger, I never really gave myself the chances to befriend you. I never stepped out of my comfort zone- never traversed waters that were too unfamiliar or seemingly treacherous.

However, I did meet you briefly during the college process. Quite a time. (But you let me get into my dream school. I thank you for giving that one to me.)

Ever since college started, I've begun stepping out of my comfort zone: trying out for club positions, rushing for a service fraternity, trying out for a dance team. But it seems as if every time, I just keep bumping into you Rejection!

I'm just gonna be plain honest- seeing you kind of sucks. Like really sucks. If I could, I'd probably never want to see you. Okay- I realize that sounded a bit harsh. In actuality, I know it's for my better that we keep having our run-ins. As much as I want to go back to living our separate lives, I think it's important that we've met.

Why? Well- it's quite rare for a person to go through life without, at one point, really being acquainted with you. And most people that I've talked to have ended up being grateful for this, one way or another. Like me!

All in all, I'm quite glad we've become friends. You may occasionally destroy my self-confidence, but ultimately, you motivate me to be my best self. Without you, I wouldn't be where I am today, and I wouldn't try as hard in life.

So, I guess I just wanted to say thanks. (But also-- f*ck you.)