A Letter To The High School Senior Who Just Got Into Penn State
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A Letter To The High School Senior Who Just Got Into Penn State

Congrats on becoming a Nittany Lion!

A Letter To The High School Senior Who Just Got Into Penn State

Well you did it! You got into Penn State and even if it wasn't your top school, you won't regret choosing this one. If it was your top school, you won't be let down once you experience the Penn State atmosphere.

Here's where you want to live:

If you're having difficulty choosing where you want to live, let me explain the freshman dorms. You can choose to live in the East Halls area where most freshman are. The benefits of living here is that some of the dorms are newly renovated and have air conditioning. East dorms also have a banging burger place called Flips that hits different after a long day of classes. A downside of living in East is that it can be far away from some buildings on campus.

Another area you can live in is called Pollock Halls. Pollock can be great to live in because it is mostly in the middle of campus. The dining hall is always hopping because the food is great, as well. Although Pollock Halls are conveniently located on campus, most of the dorms do not have air conditioning.

If you head downtown in State College, there are so many cool restaurants. And Target! (what more could you want?).

Once you start walking downtown, it feels like a mini city. It is busy all the time and there is always someone you know whenever you go into town, either a classmate or friend. There are so many restaurants that it can be hard to make a decision of where you want to eat out. There are many service places like hairdressers, nail salons, and tattoo parlors. CVS is conveniently located close to campus in case you ever catch the PSU plague (that's when everyone catches a cold at the same time) and there are even clothing shops like Urban Outfitters.

There are many coffee shops including Starbucks and Dunkin throughout downtown in case you wanted to get off campus to do some homework. One restaurant I recommend trying before your freshman year is up is SNAP Pizza. It can be best described as a Subway that makes pizza. You customize your own little pizza and it's always delicious. Another one of my favorite restaurants that's downtown is D.P. Dough. Their calzones are so good!

Go to sports games!

There is nothing like a Penn State football game. As a freshman, you should go to at least one game and experience the atmosphere of Beaver Stadium. Find someone to go tailgating with because it's not a football games unless you start tailgating before. Another sports event you should try and attend at least once is a basketball game. The fans are just as energetic inside the Bryce Jordan Center. Another reason to attend these events is because they hand out free flat-screen TVs sometimes!

Make sure you pack for Pennsylvania weather.

Penn State tries to make the pathways as snow and ice free as they can, but there will be times when you're walking to class and it's snowing or there is ice on the ground. Bring snow boots, a heavy jacket and a hat. There will also be times when it's pouring rain and you have to walk across campus to get to a class, so make sure you bring an umbrella. There will also be times when you are walking to campus and it feels like you're trying to get through the Sahara Desert, so bring a some warmer weather outfits as well.

A must: try to experience all of Penn State as much as you can.

I am only a sophomore and there is so much that I still want to do at Penn State. My biggest regret of freshman year was not going to enough events or not being as involved as I could have been. Penn State is huge and there is so much to do, to see and to learn. Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone, college is your time to become the person you want to be, and you choosing Penn State was the first right step you made.

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