A Glimpse At COVID-19 Around The World
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A Glimpse At COVID-19 Around The World

Photographers around the world provide snapshots of the coronavirus pandemic in daily life.

A Glimpse At COVID-19 Around The World

Unless you have been on a deserted island, chances are you have become very familiar with the infamous coronavirus over the past few weeks. Also known as COVID-19, this global pandemic was at first compared to what we know as the flu, but quickly earned an even more dangerous reputation. With over 200,000 cases and nearly 9,000 deaths, COVID-19 has become a threat to every day life all around the globe. This outbreak has affected nearly every aspect of life, borders are closing, as are schools, jobs, transportation and anything involving a large group. This is something new of which the current generations have never seen before, especially at this scale. It can be hard to truly wrap one's head around the situation and what it looks like around the world. Thanks to countless photographers documenting this worldwide episode, we are allowed a look into what the pandemic looks like in different places across the planet.


A couple in china slip off their masks to share a kiss while waiting for a train in china. Being the hub of the virus, China continues to enforce measures to control the spread of the virus, such as masks.


Second to China, Italy has recorded extremely high accounts of the virus. Due to the astronomical number of patients, hospitals are running out of room. Makeshift hospitals have been set up around the country to provide aid and quarantine for those tested positive.


A worker in Sri Lanka sprays down a bus terminal with disinfectant in order to fight the infection. The Sri Lankan government declared a 3-day holiday beginning March 17th in hopes of minimizing the spread of COVID-19 through public contact.


Iran has been ranked 4th highest in confirmed cases of the virus. The photo shows Iranian cabinet members meet to discuss what is next for their country, while suited up in masks and gloves.


Ahead of the game, South Korea was one of the first countries to set strict precautions to isolate infected as well as setting up testing centers, like the one pictured. So far, South Korea has tested more people than any other country, almost 300,000 individuals.


Famous for being one of the busiest spots in the world, Times Square in New York City is vacant in response to the outbreak. An iconic photo spot for tourists has become somewhat of a ghost town after residents and visitors alike decided to stay inside.


A worker follows precautionary measures by disinfecting a public bus in a bus wash station in Bratislava, Slovakia.


A villager in China's Jiangxi Provence works in a field with her mask on, fearful of catching the virus.


With South Africa having the highest number of HIV infections in the world, a large number of South Africans are more susceptible to the virus. Because of this, the South African government has closed its borders to Europe, China, the United States, and other surrounding countries. Citizens stock up on necessities in preparation for what is to come.

Ukraine Announces Nationwide Quarantine Measures Over Coronavirus Pandemic


An UberEats delivery man wears a ventilated mask to fight infection while working. As of Tuesday March 17th, car-pooling services like Uber and Lyft in the U.S. and Canada have stopped, but UberEats will continue.


In São Paulo, Brazil hundreds of prisoners escaped from jail in outrage of what the effects of the virus meant for them. In order to stop the spread, Easter prison holidays were canceled and there were greater regulations on visitors. This caused riots and over 400 prisoners to flee from the prison.


After the death toll almost doubled in the span of 24 hours, Spain has enforced a nationwide lockdown. People are to stay inside unless they are going out to buy supplies or go to work. The photo shows an empty Plaza del Castill square, a spot usually bustling with activity.

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