A Different Aspect of Wilder Vs. Fury 2
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A Different Aspect of Wilder Vs. Fury 2

Aside from the obvious, the Tyson vs. Fury 2 professional boxing championship fight was actually an incredible story created by two fierce competitors with stories outside of boxing that tie into health and social problems worldwide.

A Different Aspect of Wilder Vs. Fury 2

Last night a historical moment in sports had taken place in Las Vegas as Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder clashed for the world professional boxing heavyweight title for a second time.

The two boxers had fought in 2018 on December 1st for the same title where the fight had ended in a controversial split draw, setting the scene for an event that's never happened before in professional boxing.

A rematch.

Not just a rematch, though.

Two undefeated champion boxers – Deontay Wilder(42-0-1) & Tyson Fury(29-0-1) – who held the same title stepping back in the ring to claim what's rightfully theirs.

Of course, there could only be one champion, and Tyson Fury was victorious.

Aside from the glory and hype that was advertised to create an audience and boost revenue, there were many aspects of this fight that made it twice the impactful moment that it was in sporting event history.

One intriguing component was the fact that each boxer bore a different fighting style. Fury's style focused more on technique, while the acclaimed "knockout artist," Wilder's relied mostly on the knockout power of his right fist that has landed him 41 wins by KO.

With so much excitement revolving around the violence and masculinity of the event, media advertisements promote these fights more so as violent bouts between two competitors who seek to destroy one another, rather than redemptions from addictions and depression.

Camera coverage of the event even zoomed in on a moment during the fight when Fury had savagely licked the blood that had been falling from The Bronze Bomber's ear for Pete's sake! - The announcer intent on Fury's lust for tasting blood.

Behind the scenes, victor Tyson Fury had previously admitted on Joe Rogan's MMA podcast in 2018 that he had been struggling with depression that nearly led him to take his own life. Fury noted in this podcast that he'd struggled with mental health problems his whole life, but never knew what it was because he'd never been educated on the matter.

As important as it is to know about mental illness, it's just as important to note that it's normal to reach out for help for those who struggle with depression. In the same podcast, Fury also quickly draws a correlation between seeking help and seeking attention.

To me, this correlation is an epitomizing statement that points out society's cultural impediment that it has been naturalized by the toxic behaviors of men and women; and it's affecting people of all classes, ethnicities, and ages.

Seeing such dark ideology coming from Tyson Fury (a man who has everything; a family, money, fame, glory, etc.) along with so many other professional athletes and celebrities, it is clear to see that new efforts need to be made to decrease mental illnesses and emotional/behavioral disorders.

Instead of doing so, media advertisements promote these events more so as violent bouts between two competitors who seek to destroy one another, rather than redemptions from addictions and depression.

Being alive for such an event with so many captivating lenses that are so closely tied to the lives of each competitor allows for audience members to fully embrace each side to the story, whether they just see it as a championship fight or whether they see it as more than that.

It should be more of a media priority – when given the consent – to capture more of the aspects of events like this outside of the competitive atmosphere that could inspire change, rather than that of which will just attract the most money.

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