Fall is here! And yes, that means lots of wonderful stereotypical things like leaves changing colors and Pumpkin Spice everything, but there's so much more than we don't autumatically think about. (pun intended) So here are 9 reasons to be excited about fall that might not automatically come to mind...

9. Apple Cider

Ok Pumpkin Spice is great and all, but apple cider though. Especially the gallons that you can buy at the grocery store. It's amazing. It is wonderful whether you like to drink it warm or cold, and it is so delicious. It's the perfect fall beverage.


It's Haloween time and you know what that means! And no, I'm not talking about gorging yourself on free candy. (though that's fun too) I'm talking about how it's the one time of year that cosplayers can appear normal or even cool! You get to wear your costume you've been working on for months or an amazing one that you made a while ago, and people don't stare at you like you're from another planet. It's totally normal; they even appreciate your work! It's a wonderful feeling.

7.) Cheap Candy...

Speaking of Haloween, as soon as it's over is the best time to buy candy. You know how companies put the Halloween logo on candy so that they can gouge the prices up? While that turns on them as soon as Haloween ends. That branded candy price literally drops in half overnight, and it is fantastic. If you hold out long enough, sometimes you can even get it 90% off. Also, It's a good time to get costume pieces cheap if you are a cosplayer. If you want to stock up on candy, now is the perfect time to do it.

6. Fashion is 10x easier

When it comes to clothing, I normally just end up wearing a nerdy T-shirt and jeans. Fall is great because you can wear the same things that you always do, and just add a sweater, hat, and/or scarf, and look super fashionable and comfy. You look twice as cute with practically no extra effort. It's the best season for clothing.

5. Oscar Season Approaches

Are you tired of seeing annoying, megamillion-dollar Blockbusters that have no point aside from marketing? (cough, cough, transformers) Well, you are in luck, because it's almost Oscar Season! You know, that time of year when all the good, artistic (and political) movies start to come out. The ones that nobody hears about until the Nomination lists are announced. Unless you're a film student, in which case it's the time of year you spend all your money on movie tickets. Anyways, the good movies are coming. If you want to see some cinematic art, stay tuned.

4. Staying Inside

So many people talk about how lovely it is to walk outside in the fall, and it absolutely is, but it also is cold. Why would you want to go outside and walk in the cold when you could stay inside and be warm? Fall is the perfect time to curl up on your couch with a cup of hot coco, (or cider) a fire roaring, and a wonderful book or a good movie. (and all the introverts said amen) Why go out when you could curl up and say in?


Ok, so I'm clearly not the sporty type. I don't care about football at all. But when my favorite superhero shows return, I get pumped. (Arrow, Agents of Shield, Flash, etc.) All the good American TV shows come back in the fall, so grab a blanket and prepare for some entertaining television. Also, If primetime shows weren't enough for you, STRANGER THINGS SEASON 2 JUST PREMIERED. Grab your favorite blanket, curl up, and start watching!

2. The Bugs are Dying

I swear at least three bees have flown directly at my face and eyes this semester, but guess what? It's getting so cold that all the bugs have started dying. Hooray! I mean if it's gotta be cold, at least there are no more bugs to attack me. It's nice to not be eaten alive by mosquitos everytime you step outside.

1. Comfy is Key

Happy Fall!