9 Types Of Guys You Meet In College As Dogs
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9 Types Of Guys You Meet In College As Dogs

Men can act like dogs sometimes, but it's not always a bad thing.

9 Types Of Guys You Meet In College As Dogs
Dog Time

1. The Chihuahua

You exchange numbers after a night at the club, but you soon realize that was a huge mistake. He’s all over your Instagram, calls you ‘baby,’ texts you nonstop, and begs for you to “come over and cuddle.” As soon as you start ignoring him, you’re suddenly a b**** because you didn’t throw him a bone.

(Photo by American Kennel Club)

2. Pitbull

He’s buff. He rides motorcycles and fast cars. He’s got tattoos. He may as well be in a sexy firefighter calendar. He looks intimidating, but he’s really just a big sweetheart who likes fro-yo and fruity vodka just as much as you do.

(Photo by Bully Max - Vitamins for Pitbulls)

3. Jack Russell Terrier

Like the Chihuahua, he talks quite a lot — but the only difference is he’s a lot more persistent. Very sweet, but over the top. You bumped into him once on campus, but now he won’t go away. It’s refreshing that he’s not begging you to come over at 3 a.m. while his roommates are out like the Chihuahua does, but instead he asks you out to coffee. Or dinner. Or to try the new Thai place down the street. Or this new band that’s performing downtown. Or to the library to help you with chem. Or to the — you get the point.

(Photo from Pinterest)

4. Labrador Retriever

He’s pe rfect. In fact, he’s so perfect that no one can really keep him on a leash. He’s smart and handsome, and he knows it. This is the pretty boy who’s perpetually single and you see him with a different girl every weekend. He can flawlessly shotgun a beer and never has an issue finding a date for formal.

(Photo by Purple Collar Pet Photography via Getty Images)

5. Rottweiler

You met him at the gym, particularly over by the free weights section. Even though his quads haven’t caught up with his biceps, he still insists on spotting you on leg day. He wouldn’t be caught dead without a shaker bottle, and cardio is the devil. While he does consider the gym a date, he’s always down to get food with you since bulking season never ends.

(Photo by choicek9s via Getty Images)

6. Corgi

He may not seem like your type at first, but it’s that dorky quirkiness or the fact that he can quote “FRIENDS” for every occasion that you just can’t get enough of. Maybe it’s that cute butt of his or maybe he just has a really cool hobby that makes him such an interesting person.

(Photo via Pinterest)

7. German Shepherd

He’s either a University athlete, an ROTC man, or a cop or firefighter in training. He’s good looking, he’s strong, and is dedicated to everything he does. Even though he may be super busy, he always manages to make time for his main lady.

(Photo found at VetStreet.com)

8. The Beagle

This is your best friend that’s always been there for you. Sure, he’s cute but you stuck him in the friend zone for some regrettable reason. This is the same guy that helps you through all your breakups and was always your shoulder to cry on, He's also been patiently waiting for your man to screw up so he can get a chance to treat you like the queen he knows you are.

9. The Dalmatian

This is the campus cutie you spot everywhere. You pass him on your way to class every week and you don't have a clue who he is. He's the guy that disappears at the party, and the same one you notice from all the way across the library. You've never had a chance to talk to him, but as soon as you do, his girlfriend pops out of nowhere. Sadly, there are 101 of these.

(Photo by American Kennel Club)

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