9 Types Of Kisses That Define Your Relationship Status
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9 Types Of Kisses That Define Your Relationship Status

Here are some types of kisses and what they say about your relationship.

9 Types Of Kisses That Define Your Relationship Status

There are so many types of kisses a girl can have. Kisses say a lot from person to person and how the kiss is being given. The relationship is kisses define so much about how things are going and what type of couple you are. Here are some types of kisses and what they say about your relationship:

1. The quick peck.

The quick peck can say a few things. It can say you've been together so long that you don't need to make-out. Or it could be a shy, innocent kiss from a shy partner (or possible partner).

2. The make-out.

When the simple kiss isn't enough, but you also feel a little randy. Or when it's just a hookup so you make-out real quick before any action.

3. The forehead kiss.

This is the ultimate kiss. It's the true love kiss, when you know this person loves you and wants to marry you. Well, at least likes you long term. Or...is your mom because moms kiss the forehead.

4. The cheek kiss.

This is the friend zone kiss. If either gender (male or female) kisses the cheek then sorry buddy. You are out of luck, they just aren't into you. It's also terrible if one of you goes for the lips and gets the cheek turn. It's an instant insult.

5. The slow kiss.

It's a kiss that you can take your time on with a long term partner. There is no rush or real reason why you are kissing. It's just to be close and show affection with the person you love.

6. The passionate, hot kiss.

This kiss screams sex. It shows how much you want each other. It is the kiss that you share while also tearing each other's clothes off. It's for the "we have sex" a lot relationship.

7. The awkward kiss.

It's usually for the first date or a budding relationship. It's the "Do I turn my head right? Or do you?" Then even if you plan it out, your faces mash or bump. It's sweet and awkward. After my first kiss with my boyfriend now, I couldn't even meet his eyes I was so shy and embarrassed. My skin was so hot and flushed. But it started a great relationship.

8. The tongue kiss.

This is the kiss that shows you aren't with a mature, long term partner. I mean, a little tongue is fine in a long term partner but if all you guys do is french kiss, then be prepared to break up. French kissing all the time doesn't breed a happy relationship.

9. The pity kiss.

This happens when you go on a first date, but you just don't click with the other person. Sadly, it's the opposite for the other person because they think you clicked but you are too nice to say that they literally bored you to death or they were creepy AF. So i's the pity kiss where you just kiss them to get them to leave.

Then the next day you text them that there was no spark. Not that I'm speaking from experience or anything (in my defense though, he totally cornered me and my only way out was to just let him kiss me).

***These are mostly for fun and if you like tongue kissing with your lady or man, then go for it. I'm simply being humorous in a brutally honest way.***

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