So you want to have a healthier lifestyle... Here's some thoughts that go through your head during the transition:

1. "This tastes Like cardboard"

There's no doubt that a lot of food items that are good for you that don't taste great. However, if you add peanut butter to anything it tastes 1000% better. That's science.


No, that is not the point of healthier options. Yes, I do see that it is 50 calories a serving, but that does not mean you need 4 servings to make it 200 calories.

3. "Why are healthy options so expensive?"

Beauty is pain, right? There are a lot of healthy options that are reasonably priced, you just have to shop sales! If you get the Cartwheel App- it has a bunch of coupons for target!

4. "Okay, I have eaten healthy for 1 week where are my baby abs at?"

Yes, eating clean does help you get the abs that you want, but it is going to take a bit longer than a week. But adding in a workout routine will also help speed up the process!

5. Starting a workout plan

Start with small steps. You do not need to get yourself signed up for a marathon or anything right away. It can be as simple as walking/running around the block once a day, or lifting some weights. There are awesome apps/programs that can help you get started with at home workouts!

6. "Everyone at the gym is SO in shape! I don't belong here!"

Everyone has been where you are. You are starting a healthy habit by going to the gym! A lot of people are cheering you on! Gym intimidation is the worst feeling, but soon you will be on the other side of it. Grab a buddy or a coach to help you figure out the machines, and how to get a great form for free weights.

7. "The scale isn't moving"

This number does not show a lot of the progress that you have made. So what if you gained 2 pounds? Those jeans that you couldn't fit into, now fit. Your stomach is flatter. Your smile is bigger.

8. "I don't look like him/her"

You are YOU! You are a beautiful human being, and you are unique. We all have different struggles, and you don't know what they did to get that body. What matters is that you are doing this for yourself, and you are rocking your body!

9. "I want to give up"

Remember the reason why you started? Keep a reminder of that in your gym bag, and wherever you see it frequently. You deserve to be happy, healthy, and confident! Your friends and family love you, and are supporting you every single step of the way! There are also many workout groups to join that make you accountable, and make the best support system because they know what you are going through and all of the effort you are putting in towards your new lifestyle.

Just remember that having a size 2 does not make you worth anymore than a size 22. What matters is that you are happy, healthy, and confident in the skin you are in. Numbers do not define you in any way, shape or form.

You have so many people that love you and are rooting for you!