9 Things Socially Accepted ONLY On College Campuses
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Student Life

9 Things Socially Accepted ONLY On College Campuses

Small luxuries I will never take for granted

9 Things Socially Accepted ONLY On College Campuses
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We all know that once we leave college we are sent into the real world, where the luxuries we have now will disappear. No more skipping class if you don't feel like going or having every meal prepared for you.

But for now, here are things that are only accepted on a college campus...

1. Wearing PJs to breakfast

Why waste an outfit when I'm just going to go right back to my room and get in bed again?

2. Having a gallon of coffee every hour of the day

Keeping up with the workload and keeping my stress level down, an unhealthy amount of coffee will help me get through the day.

3. Wearing workout clothes to every class

The day you see me in jeans is the day you know I will be doing laundry in the near future. I need to be comfy so I can somewhat pay attention to the lecture...

4. Alcohol being hidden all over your room

A water bottle labeled "not water" or "do not drink" can be found in every dorm, either hidden in drawers or in the backs of closets. See for yourself...

5. Not wearing shoes around your building

There is just no need for that.

6. Binge watching Netflix at all hours of the day

Once you leave college, you will rarely find yourself bored at three o'clock in the afternoon. After graduation, say goodbye to your midday binge hours.

7. Not using cash… ever

Between meal swipes and points, there's just no need to use cash. And if I ever do need something, you know the first names I call will be Mom and Dad.

8. Frequent naps

Yes, going to class takes a lot out of me. Yes, I realize it's only 1 pm. I just need to lie down for a bit.

9. Calling your parents three times a day

"Hi. I miss you. When are you visiting me? Oh, you aren't? Well, then I guess I will just need to come home."

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