9 Things To Do This Summer
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9 Things To Do This Summer

Fun things to do besides melting at the beach.

9 Things To Do This Summer
Mary Holden

Don't get me wrong, I believe that the beach is the best place on earth, and I would love to spend every day at the beach, but this article is for those who do not share this sentiment or just want something a little different. Also, when there is a rainy day or the sunburn got the best of you, you can spend some time doing things inside. I know my mom always liked to have a day in the middle of the week vacation at the beach to go do something away from the sun, just to have a little bit of a break. Since us Marylanders have been experiencing some rather hot days this month, here's a list of things you can do this summer instead of melting at the beach.

1. Go the movies.

You probably already thought about this, and maybe you go in the evening, but going during the day can sometimes have additional perks - fewer people, classic movie screenings, and discounted prices!

2. Compete in some bowling.

A good competition is always fun, as well as a great way to beat the heat. Also, who doesn't love bowling alley cheesy fries?! Many of my friends know how I feel about them. Bowling is great to get to know who your true friends (the ones who share their cheese friends) are and maybe who you won't invite next time.

3. Try out roller skating.

Throwing it back a bit. Also if you go at the right time it might be when they have games. The perfect way to take you back to that elementary school birthday party! It can get a little shaky getting back into the swing of things, but if you fall you just have to laugh it off! Also, the music is always a good time you can really even enjoy from the side lines.

4. Play mini golf.

You probably are doing this in the evening after the beach, but if you go during the day you can avoid all the lines. It may not be the best way to escape the sun, but a different view than the beach. Bonus if you live near an indoor mini-golf course to stay out of that hot sun! Again the competition can get pretty heated so maybe plan who you bring carefully.

5. Go to the zoo.

Again I am aware this is not really out of the sun, but plenty of zoos have indoor exhibits and misters to keep you cool. This can be fun to just hang out, enjoy a decent day, see some cool animals, and maybe even learn a little bit from those info stands they have. Also, zoos tend to be cheap and sometimes they are just donation based, so you don't have to worry about spending too much going to a place like this. And with the money saved maybe you can get a souvenir cup.

6. Battle in a game of laser tag.

If there is one thing that 'How I Met Your Mother' showed, it was how extremely awesome laser tag can be. Laser tag is usually indoors at an arcade, which means A/C and a lot of activities to keep you busy for the day.

7. Watch a baseball game.

Obviously, you have to make sure you get a decent enough seat in the shade. While major league games can be a bit expensive there are plenty of minor league games that you can attend. It is also a lot of fun being in the crowd and just going off of the atmosphere. Plus, who doesn't love singing 'Sweet Caroline'?

8. Check out a concert.

Lawn seats can usually be a pretty cheap way to see some of your favorite bands and singers. This is a good time to hang out with friends and enjoy some good music.

9. Volunteer at the Humane Society.

Why not take a day to walk some cute little puppies that just need some loving! Pet some kitties and maybe take over some donations while you're at it. Always fun to see puppies play and just love all the love you are giving them.

What you must do after any of these? Go get some ice cream! There is no other way to end a summer day than some quality ice cream from a local shop. ENJOY!

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