9 Things No One With A Pale Complexion Wants To Hear, But Always Does

9 Things No One With A Pale Complexion Wants To Hear, But Always Does

Yes, the sun in my enemy and sunscreen is my best friend.

Having fair skin can be both a blessing and a curse. Finding the perfect foundation match can be an absolute nightmare and going out in the sun without SPF 100 can be a death sentence. Even finding the perfect hair color is crucial in order to not make you look like a living corpse or completely washed out. While being fair skinned can be a real pain in the tush it also has some perks (you kind of look like an old-timey Disney princess without even trying).

With pros and cons aside here are some things that you should just never say to someone with a fair complexion.

1. "Hey, Casper!"

Yes, very original of you to call me a ghost. Very original.

2. "Your foundation looks a little too dark for you."

I got the lightest shade available and look like a pumpkin. I was really hoping you wouldn't notice.

3. "Do you, like, burn super easy in the sun?"

You bet your bottom dollar that I do!

4. "When was the last time you went outside?"

Really, Jessica? We're sitting outside right now. How about you answer this one.

5. "Have you tried a spray tan?"

Self-tanning lotions, gels, creams, spray tans and just plain old tanning oil. I've tried it all my dude. I've tried it all to no avail.

6. "Haha, look at my arm compared to yours. I'm like three shades darker!"

Yes, we are two different people with two different skin tones. Very very good. Proud of you.

7. "Are you feeling OK? You look a little pale."

Oh, yeah I'm fine. That's just my face.

8. "Do you ever just wish you were tan?"

Only every time the sun it's May through August.

9. "You actually really make the whole pale look work."

Oh, gee.. .thank you. I've lived my whole life to hear someone finally say that.

Cover Image Credit: Cassidy Burger

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You Can't Change What You Can't Control

Commit yourself to the things you can change, and change them for the better.

I know what you’re thinking, and no. This isn’t a new years resolution. This is a mindset that I’ve had for awhile now, and after doing some research, it’s a mindset that not many people think in. Too many humans get caught up in issues they have no control over. Unproductive thinking is the worst kind of thinking, and it’s completely impractical.

Stressing your body or mind out about situations you have no control over, is pointless. No good can come from being stressed out about the weather, or traffic conditions. Those are instances that you (nor anyone else) can control. So what if it rains on the busiest Saturday of the month? Go about your day stress free, and see how much better the outcome is. A day can not be the best if you are under stress. Your day can only be as good as you let it be.

Control what you can, forget about what you can’t. What you can’t control, doesn’t really matter. Okay, maybe it might matter. But, take the issue into your own hands. If you can’t resolve it then do the best you can to work through it. Worrying about an issue that you have no control over is not productive thinking. Instead, try to think how you can fix such issue. If there is no fix, then it is time to move past it. Odds are, it won’t matter in one year anyway.

Instead of worrying about the worst possible outcome of a situation, turn your thinking around. Realistically, what will happen? Play out a few scenarios in your head, and keep them rational. Worrying about the highly unlikely is unproductive, it’ll cause you to be anxious about a situation that isn’t that bad. (At least realistically). Stop thinking about the “What if’s” those do not matter. Who cares, completely forget about those. Focus on what is really happening, and what you can really do to ease the situation. Its 2018, stop dwelling, come up with solutions. Is there anything you can do to minimize the bad? If yes, do so. If no, move past it.

As humans, we often see flaws in others. We don’t do this purposely, but we do it. Why do others flaws even matter to us? It isn’t as if we can change the fact that others are different. Differences do not equal weaknesses. This is just another example of something we have no control in: other people. Trying to change a person into someone else isn’t a good mindset. Humans are all different, every single one of us. Twins exist, yes, but thought patterns differ from person to person. Trying to morph other’s way of thinking is virtually impossible. Why would you even bother trying to change another human being? Just let them be as they are, and go about your day. You can’t change what you can't control, and you definitely can’t control another full grown human.

Everyday is a new day. You can begin a healthier mindset any day, so why not today? You can’t press pause, skip ahead or rewind. Life doesn’t come with a remote. Choose happiness today. Unfortunately technology hasn’t led to time machines yet, so we never know what is around the corner. Embrace it, cling to the uncertainty. Deal with the issues that you CAN control. You can control how well you do on an exam. You can control your happiness. There are many things you CAN control, focus on those instead. Commit yourself to the things you can change, and change them for the better.

Determine what you CAN control, focus on that.

Cover Image Credit: Kaboompics

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