9 Things You Only See In Charleston, SC

9 Things You Only See In Charleston, SC

There are just so many things that make this city so special.

If you have ever been to Charleston, you will certainly agree that there are so many things that make this city special. From its people to all the different things you can see when you go exploring, they are all part of what makes this city a favorite for many. Here are just a few of the things that I have seen during my time here that I'm sure students, locals and returning tourists will recognize.

1. Pineapples decorating every house

On the gate, fence posts, front doors- you name it. It is said that, when a sea captain returned to Charleston home from his long voyage, the family would put a pineapple by the front door to let people know that the man of the house had returned. They came to symbolize hospitality and can be seen all over the place. There's even a giant pineapple fountain. Yep. A fountain shaped like a pineapple.

2. Dogs who just chill at the gate and greet the tourists that pass by


They're just chillin, waiting there to brighten your day with a cold, wet nose.

3. Bowls of water for your pup outside every store entrance

This is how you know you're in a dog-friendly town.

4. The Charleston Shuffle

We've all done it. That little brick jumps up and grabs you and you try not to fall on your face. Even though we've all been there, we still have to look around a make sure no one saw us trip on the sidewalk that we walk on multiple times every day.

5. Kids selling roses made out of palmetto fronds

They might get a little annoying sometimes, but you can't deny that it's part of the experience of being in the city.

6. People cleaning the glass inside the streetlights

This is one of the most Charleston-esque things that I have ever seen. Where else would there be multiple guys working to make sure the glass and the bulbs on lights that no one ever looks at is spotless?

7. Bleach being sprayed in the streets to clean up horse pee

Again, this is kinda annoying, but it's much better than if the pee just got left there to cook in the hot sun.

8. Actual REAL garland made out of living tree branches during Christmas time

There's nothing like the smell of pine flowing through the brisk, cold air as you're walking around town to see the decorations.

9. Anti-cruise ship flags

They're part of a campaign called Cruise Control that is aiming to keep cruise ships from docking in Charleston harbor and filling the town up more than it already is. Not to mention how ugly the big, red whale tail smoke stack is on the skyline of the city.

Here's to many more wonderful days spent in The Holy City!

Cover Image Credit: Maggie Boyd

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27. Stay up all night and watch the sun come up

The weather is finally getting warmer and summer is just two short months away.

The other day I got my first whiff of food being cooked on the way home and it made me think of all the stuff I want to do this summer and what I want to accomplish in the upcoming months. It also made me think about how I make the same promises to myself every year and don't accomplish half of the things I want. So, this year, I decided to make a summer bucket list. I've heard of people doing this and I always thought it was kind of stupid, but I figure writing it down would motivate me more than just thinking, "That would be a nice thing to do."

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Cover Image Credit: footsloggers_outdoors//Instagram

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10 Times I Love Returning Home To Suburbia Maryland

What are yours?

During the summer I temporarily part ways with the concrete jungle of NYC and return to my home childhood home in Maryland for a few months. I miss the Big Apple dearly during this break, but there are a few little things I can only do in suburbia, that I don't have the ability to enjoy when I'm back the city.

1. Driving

There's something invigoration about driving your own car and not having to depend on the subway or an Uber to get around town.

2. Friends

I'm really blessed that I have so many good friends at home. I miss them all A LOT during the school year, so it's nice that I'm able to come back and pick up exactly where we left off.

3. My queen-sized bed

I think this one is self-explanatory.

4. Drivethru

This goes along with driving, but I LOVE being able to order a McFlurry and fries from the comfort of my own car.

5. Movies (with reclining seats)

The average movie ticket costs about $17 in New York, which gains you access to a packed theater with tiny seats. In Maryland, $12 gains you access to a movie theater with seats that recline to the point that you are laying almost horizontal, for an optimal viewing experience.

6. Nature

I'm not even the outdoor type, but it's so nice walking outside and seeing actual green grass and trees without having to ride the train half an hour to Central Park.

7. Wild Life

This might just be because I live near the woods, but I see all type of wild animals on the daily. Most of the time its deer, but I also sometimes get glimpses of bunnies, fox, squirrels, birds of all sorts and horses occasionally.

8. Baths

I don't trust dorm bathtubs so there's something about coming home to all my bath bombs and shower jellies to taking a nice relaxing bath.

9. Annoying my baby brother

Okay, well, he's, like, 14 now, but still messing with him (out of love) is one of the best things ever.

10. My parents

I wish I could go back in time and tell my high school self to spend more time with my parents because they're really amazing people and they're probably the biggest thing I miss when I'm at school.

Cover Image Credit: Tessa Dobrow

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