9 Things Students Should Do Before Summer Ends
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9 Things Students Should Do Before Summer Ends

Make the most of your time with these activities.

9 Things Students Should Do Before Summer Ends
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Where has the time gone? Though at the moment it feels like the heat will never end, there are only a few short weeks until school starts once more. Soon the lazy afternoons and paychecks from extra shifts will be gone; they'll be replaced by hours of reading and guilty Netflix breaks. Make the most of your guilt-free streaming time by adding one or more of these activities to your schedule before the summer ends.

1. Go to the beach.

The beach need not be a priority if you go to school right along the lake or ocean, but for the rest of us, our time with this icon of summer is limited. Relish the murmur of the water; savor the pleasantly irritating sensation of sand coating your body. Tan (applying sunscreen periodically, of course) or work out if that's your thing. You'll have your classmates wondering how summer made you look so good.

2. Read a book.

I honestly don't remember the last time I read for the sake of my own enjoyment prior to this summer. You're going to be doing plenty of reading for class in the fall, so take a few minutes here and there to read something for yourself while you still can. While I recommend an actual, full-length book (fiction or non-fiction), go with whatever you like: newspaper, journal, short story... Just be sure it's something you won't have time to read during the school year. You'll be doubly grateful that you did now.

3. Update your social media.

Even if you already have a ton of friends at school, you're likely going to meet new people this upcoming semester. In order to impress them, add to your social media! Post pictures of all of the exciting things you've done this summer to Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr/Pintrest/Myspace/LinkedIn. If you haven't documented anything noteworthy so far, take a friend and a battery-powered fan to the nearest beach or park one hour before sunset (when the light is best). Have your friend capture as many shots of the "breeze" blowing through your hair as is necessary to caption one with lyrics un-ironically. Go out and get those likes!

4. Hang out with your friends from home.

This one is even more important if you are attend different colleges. Maybe you won't be friends forever, but revel in the time you do have together. Enjoy just hanging out and talking about whatever. Imprint your friends' smiles and laughs into your memory and save them for a lonely, cold day in a few months.

5. See a movie in the theater.

You may have nights of procrastination ahead in which you'll watch movies in your room, but a limited number of days to head to the theater to watch 20 minutes of previews at 11 a.m. or 11 p.m. (whichever you choose). Summer is the season for big-budget blockbusters, so don't regret missing all of them come September. If you have $13.43 to spare (that's really how much I paid to see "Ghostbusters"), go catch a flick on the big screen. Or sneak in, if that suits your fancy.

6. Spend time with your family.

Most families are very supportive of their child's education. Despite the fact that you're counting down the days until you're out of their supervision and can abide by your own rules, show your appreciation for them. They're making or helping to make your education happen, so the least you can do is have a few more dinners with your parents or help an elderly relative with their garden. Watering flowers won't hurt you, I promise.

7. Finish at least one TV show.

In order to hit the ground running this semester, you'll want to be free of distractions. Obviously, I'll understand when you trip and fall on your face, but delay that inevitability by finishing your favorite Netflix binge now. Studying for your economics test will be so much easier after you know who "Gossip Girl" is.

8. Chill with some animals.

It's difficult for students to keep pets. Most dorms and apartments don't allow them, plus they're an extra responsibility we don't have the resources for. If you have pets at home, or like your friends' and family's, make time to chill together before school starts. There's a reason therapy dogs are becoming popular at universities--animals help many students de-stress.

9. Make sure that your brain works!

Adjusting back to school mode after months of sitting on the couch, babysitting, traveling, entry-level working, and/or interning is no small task. Check up on your brain by writing a coherent article, reviewing a foreign language with books or apps, and if you're feeling particularly ambitious, checking out a textbook for one of your fall courses. Your academic skills are a large part of why you're going to college, so treat them with respect and care.

Summer is the brightest season, and we youth have some of the greatest opportunities to benefit from it. Don't feel bad if you're not working as much as your friends; on the flip side, don't feel bad for taking a little time off from the job you've been toiling away at since Memorial Day. It's a shame to waste these halcyon days.

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