9 Slang Terms Every Washington And Jefferson Student Uses On A Daily Basis
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Student Life

9 Slang Terms Every Washington And Jefferson Student Uses On A Daily Basis

We have our own language, it's kind of a big deal.

9 Slang Terms Every Washington And Jefferson Student Uses On A Daily Basis

Every region has its language. We call that slang. What we don't say is that is gets even worse. (Sorry for those that have English as a second language, us Americans like to be difficult.) How does it get worse? Every town, community, church, school, and university has their own made-up slang. Wanna feel like you go to Washington and Jefferson? Here's 8 slang words every Washington and Jefferson College student knows.

1. Gint's

"Hey, wanna stop over Gint's later?"

Yeah, I promise, it's pronounced just like that. Take the alcoholic, old time favorite of Billy Joel, Gin, and add a -t's to the end. Any idea? I promise it doesn't involve a Frat Party. This one's the colloquial term of George and Tom's, the café below Residence Life. Shortened to GnT's and from there, Gint's, it's a great place to grab a quick bite to eat, and to pretend you're gonna study.

2. Res Life

"Nah, I can't, I have to meet Tyler from Res Life."

Speaking of the building where George and Tom's sits, there's a well known office upstairs for those of us that can't seem to stay out of trouble in their dorm. That office is the Office of Residence Life, or Res Life. If you're always in trouble, at least they're the same people that do "Feel Good Friday." Maybe you can get some popcorn and smooth things over.

3. DP

"It's in DP 100 at 5 o'clock."

Though this one is used more in writing than speech, it's obvious euphemism means it had to be on the list. Any ideas? Remember, this is a G-rated article. Despite what that dirty mind of yours is saying, this abbreviation refers to Dieter-Porter, a science building known notably for its Biology and Ecology classes.

4. Monti's

"The Oreo Milkshake at Monti's is obviously the best."

Just so we are all on the same page, the last sentence is totally true. I'll accept no other alternative. Known as Monticello's, this place is known for it's scalding-burn-your-tongue Tostito's Pizza Rolls, milkshakes, and free pizza on Friday and Saturday nights.

5. Dean Eva

"Dean Eva totally rocks!"

If you guessed "person" for this one, you'd be right. Dean Eva Chatterjee-Sutton is the Vice President and Dean of Student Life. She's also a winner of the "Greatest Person To Talk To" award, but I don't think that trophy has come in yet. Either way, she's a great person, and you'll meet her at least once if you should decide to leave your dorm.

6. Whichi Coax

"Whichi Coax, Whichi Coax...*groans*"

Maybe I'll come to love it, maybe I probably won't. Either way, its in the official Fight Song of Washington and Jefferson, and it's supposed to be Latin for the way a frog would sound in a play. *crickets* Yeah, there's a whole big story involving another school that does a similar thing, but they use a more "modern English" version, and Washington and Jefferson students decided to use an older version to show how smart we are, but don't quiz me on the particulars. According to an unnamed source, it wasn't popular before our former president, Tori Harring Smith, came into office, and it's success now, is...well...yeah.

7. Chestnut Street

"He went out on Chestnut Street and came back in a wheelbarrow."

That may or may not have happened, I will neither confirm nor deny those events. Either way, doesn't seem much like slang until you step back and look at it. This refers to "Frat Row," or the street that all the fraternities and sororities are on. It also gives rise to its own slang, like Beta, referring to a fraternity house, as well as others. A language within a language. *Inception movie credits play*

8. THS

"Did you see THS the other day? She wasn't wearing red!"

Let's clear this up first, that last sentence has not happened since THS took office in 2005. Not. Once. If you haven't figured it out by now, THS is a person. Dr. Tori Harring Smith joined Washington and Jefferson College in 2005, and has a laundry list of accomplishments and accolades, both at the school and abroad. She changed W&J in innumerable ways, and will always be, in my mind, one of the best presidents we have had. Her love for the school, passion for education, and dedication to her students was unmatched. She will be missed, as she has since left to be with her family and enjoy life outside of Washington. Now to figure out what the next president's nickname is going to be...

9. Dubjay

"Yeah, I go to Dubjay."

With all the academics going on, and the hard work being done by the students, it's no wonder that the students found a way to shorten "Washington and Jefferson College." Kinda a mouthful, right? Coming from the full name of the college shortened to its abbreviated form, W&J, "dubjay" is the cornerstone of a W&J student's existence, and if you didn't know this one, you're probably not a student.

To new students: study this, there's gonna be a quiz.

To everyone else: be glad there isn't a quiz. Welcome to the Dubjay family!

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