9 Signs You Grew Up A Tomboy

9 Signs You Grew Up A Tomboy

noun. an energetic, sometimes boisterous girl whose behavior and pursuits, especially in games and sports, are considered more typical of boys than of girls. - Dictionary.com

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As girls, we've all had to ask ourselves the intimidating question: Who am I? Many of us were girly and enjoyed "female" activities like playing house, talking about who we thought was cute and giving each other makeovers. On the other hand, the rest of us were tomboys. In other words, girls who didn't mind grass stains and cooties.

1. Your mom had the worst time forcing you to wear dresses and skirts.

You had to fight her on several instances, but she always managed to get you into a dress, no matter how much you resisted.

2. You usually opted for "boy" clothes. T-shirts, baggy pants and basketball shorts galore.

Nothing better than the sweet feel of casual Mondays--or every day, for that matter!

3. As long as your hair was either short or out of your face, you were A-OK.

Ehh, who needed long hair, anyway?

4. Your brothers were a great influence on your young and impressionable self.

If you had brothers, you know that hanging with them meant that there was no time for Barbies.

5. You didn't mind getting down and dirty when it came to having a grand old time.

Whether you were rolling around in the grass or running barefoot in your backyard, germs weren't about to wreck your fun!

6. You were probably mistaken for a boy at some point or another. No shame.

It may have been your short locks, or it could have been your boyish outfit. Either or, you knew you were a girl and it didn't matter what others thought of you.

7. You never really felt like you could quite fit in with the other girls.

You seemed to like activities that many girls didn't enjoy, thus making it harder for you to connect and understand each other.

9. Unlike other girls, Halloween didn't mean Disney Princesses.

Belle, Cinderella, Snow White everywhere. And there you were, in your brother's hand-me-down costume: Sonic the Hedgehog.

9. Whether you're girly now or still tomboyish, you can thank your past for making you you.

And that's the best thing to be.

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