If you take pride in your agenda and your friends tease you for the ridiculous number of pens in your bag, then you’re probably the organized friend of your group. Even though they make fun of your markers and calendar system, you’re the first person they come too when they need a bright pink sharpie or forgot when the date of the next math test is. So, don’t make fun of the organized friend who stresses out when there isn’t a detailed list for every occasion. If you’re that friend, like me, here are nine things we have in common.

1. You are a constant list maker.

Every time you are overwhelmed with things you need to do, you make a list. You have books of list paper in your car, in your desk, in your backpack, and in your purse. The only way that you’ll remember to get something done is if it’s written down. And not just in your phone. This also means needing a constant supply of post-it notes.

2. New school year means a new agenda.

The best part about a new school year is that you can justify spending hours online and wandering the aisles of every office store in town looking for the perfect agenda. It’s a matter of practicality and style all combining in just the right amount of space to write down each day’s assignments as well as each month’s important dates.

3. Your calendar is extensively detailed.

The start of a new month means getting to fill out a new calendar and the start of each year means getting to pick a new calendar. This is a highlight for any organization lover. Of course, it is perfectly color coordinated and completed with plenty of doodles around the best parts of the upcoming month.

4. Pens.

Everything that you write down is categorized by the pen that writes it. Is it in your agenda? Then use this pen. Are you writing a card? Use that pen. Writing on your big calendar? You can only use this pen. A mistake is devastating and your friends know not to joke about messing with your perfectly color coordinated system.

5. Let’s talk about clearance office supplies.

There is no better pick me up than walking into any store with office supplies and seeing that the paper clips or the binder clips or the markers are on sale. Even if you don’t need a new box of something, simply seeing that it is on sale is an automatic must for you. There is always room in your desk for just a few more things.

6. Your desk is as color coordinated as your agenda.

The picture frames on the left side all match without being the same frame. Your pens are neatly organized in mason jars. You had to look long and hard for the best paper holder because anything that didn’t match the color scheme you were going for is simply not an option.

7. Handwriting is an art.

If you’re not satisfied with the way something looks the first time you write it down, you rewrite it, and you secretly love it when someone complements your handwriting.

8. Your #1 stress reliever is coloring.

You have an entire collection of coloring books, not to mention the stray coloring sheets you’ve printed out in the library when you really should have been reading that book for English class.

9. Finishing a pen is an accomplishment.

As frustrating as it is when you’re in the middle of a super busy week and your favorite pen runs out of ink, you secretly feel incredibly accomplished and proud of yourself for using up all of the ink in a pen. And of course, this means you HAVE to make time for a trip to Staples.

Even if your life is really in shambles and not a single thing has gotten done today, as long as it’s written down in the place where it belongs and your calendar is up to date and color coordinated, you’re okay. It’s really when you forget to write something down or your handwriting doesn’t look perfect or you left your markers in your room that you’re having a bad day.

So to all of my fellow organizers, I hope your pen ink is abundant, your agenda pages are crisp, and the gold binder clips are on sale.