9 Reasons Why I Love My Best Guy Friend
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9 Reasons Why I Love My Best Guy Friend

No, he isn't my boyfriend.

9 Reasons Why I Love My Best Guy Friend
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Having a guy best friend is the best because they’re so lax. They barely ever get mad at anything and all fights, if any, are pretty short lived. When hanging out with my best guy friend is like stepping out of girl world for a while and it’s so nice.

They get your humor.

Having the sense of humor of a 12-year-old boy doesn’t always go over well with girl-friends. However, with guy friends, they have the same stupid sense of humor as I do so we can laugh at toilet jokes, passing gas, and “what she said” all day long.

They’re willing to do the most random stuff at any given moment.

Donuts at midnight? Burgers at 2:47am? Stack as many hats on my head as possible without them falling? How could anyone say no to that?

They speak boy.

Say I’m talking to some guy I have a crush on and I don’t know what he means by something, I can just ask what he’s trying to say. No one speaks boy better than a boy, so why not as the best one who happens to be sitting right across from me?

They’re honest and straightforward.

When it comes to guys, there’s no BS. I know I can always count on my guy best friend to not sugar-coat anything and give me the most honest answer to anything. Also, on the rare occasion he pays me a compliment, I know it’s genuine.

No judgment.

I know that around my guy best friend I can fully be myself without being worried about getting side eye for doing something weird. I can cry, laugh, and rant and he won’t care. It’s nice to know that when I burp, it’s going to be followed by an even larger one from him.

I feel safe.

Basically they’re my unpaid body guard when I’m with them because I know for a fact they would punch someone in the face for me if they needed to. Also, if I’m out somewhere and some creep is hitting on me, I can just pull him over and say “I’m here with my boyfriend!” and he would totally play along.

They are my personal pillow.

This is probably my favorite reason. I love having a person I can just platonically lay down and watch TV with and have it not be weird. This is the true essence of Netflix and chill, not that perverted crap everyone else makes it out to be.

He’s the brother I never had.

We fight like brother and sister but we’re always there for each other no matter what. There’s no one else in the world I’d rather do stupid stuff with than him.

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