Taking Maymester courses may seem like a bummer when we're supposed to be enjoying our summer break, but here's why sacrificing a little bit of summer isn't that bad after all.

1. You won't have to take as many credits during the regular school year.

This is an obvious benefit, but this can be so helpful even if you're not behind. Also, it can be helpful to focus on that one difficult class that you need to pass, without any of the distractions that come up during the school year.

2. No more ridiculously long lines at Starbucks.

For once, my coffee addiction is no longer hindered by a line that’s just a little too long to make it to class on time.

3. Most professors are in a summer state of mind, just like you.

No scheduled office hours and grading that isn't always timely might also mean you have a professor who relates to the struggle, and can be a little more lenient on deadlines (if you're lucky).

4. Your favorite place to study will probably never be taken.

Finally, you can get some studying done in that one place where you're most productive, but that’s always taken during the school year.

5. Weather is finally not unpredictable.

Our walk to class just got a little bit better without wind, snow, and bitter cold temperatures. 'Tis the season for shorts and suntans! Watch out though, if you're like me, you'll probably get a sunburn if you spend more than five minutes in this type of weather.

6. For a limited time only, parking is no longer a nightmare.

Finally, I can park where I want, when I want... sort of. But watch out, parking services is still out to get you - they take no vacations.

7. None of the buildings are too crowded.

How many people am I going to have to hold this door for? None, because there’s no one else around.

8. You have an extra month until you have to be swimsuit ready.

Nothing like waiting until the last minute to work on getting that summer body. Luckily, Maymester might motivate you just enough to make a few visits to the gym during your free time.

9. You will shorten your time away from the happiest place on Earth.

Four whole months without this place is just too long to bear. Good thing I don’t have to!