9 Reasons Huskies Are Simply The Greatest Dogs
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9 Reasons Huskies Are Simply The Greatest Dogs

Have you actually ever seen a cuter dog?

9 Reasons Huskies Are Simply The Greatest Dogs
Brittany Ratte

Everyone will argue that their type of dog is easily the best type, but I'm my case, it's the truth.

Don't get me wrong, all dogs, regardless of their breed, are a God given gift and I would easily accept any pup with open arms. However, growing up with huskies of course has given me an extra soft spot for these beautiful animals, and I truly believe everyone should experience what it's like to have one of these dogs as your best friend.

1. They often have 2 different color eyes

This is actually a disorder that is named heterochromia and is extremely common in huskies. One brown and one blue eye and all the cuteness.

2. They're very loyal

Huskies truly are a "man's best friend". Because of their history, they are used to belonging to a pack, so they adopt their owner as a member of their pack and often times as their leader.

3. Huskies have extremely predominant personalities

It is proven that each husky pup has their own personality, which makes having them as a pet exciting and so much fun.

4. They are super smart

Huskies are extremely smart, making them easy to house train and teach commands. On the down side, they easily find ways to escape and often run away (awh sad) but because they are so intelligent, they can just about always find their way home.

5. Have you ever heard them Howl????

It's bad-ass. That's all.

6. They're. So. Fluffy.

No blanket? No problem! Your husky pup will provide you with all the warmth you need, not to mention they LOVE to cuddle. Their coats vary in color too: black, gray, red, white... so many to choose from.

7. They are THE BEST guard dogs

Not necessarily because they'll hurt anyone, they're actually pretty much afraid of everything including their own shadow. On the flip side, they look like straight up wolves and usually have black gums which makes their set of "killer" chompers extra intimidating.

8. Huskies are the cleanest dogs

Bathing a husky is a process, which is why it's so awesome that you rarely have to because they clean themselves! Despite their thick coat, if you groom them once or twice a year they hardly shed and their fur smells great for months after a bath.

9. They love the snow

Have you ever seen a husky pup burrow in the snow? It's freaking adorable.

Next time your on the market for a new pup, consider a husky. I promise you will not be disappointed. Special shout out to my three husky pups in doggie heaven, Crusier, Nakita and Tacoma. Hope you have lots of chew toys and all the freedom to run for miles in the snow!

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