9 Phases Every Big Goes Through Before Reveal
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9 Phases Every Big Goes Through Before Reveal

If you’re not walking through the quad like a low quality disco ball, you’re doing it wrong.

9 Phases Every Big Goes Through Before Reveal
Dana Saccoccio

1. The dating period.

You feel the urge to meet every single new member. You want need to know everything about them as you search for the perfect little one.

2. Realizing you only have two weeks to meet with 15+ girls.

Direct quote: "But how will I ever find my other half. I am so stressed, how can I school when my potential bridesmaid is just waiting for me to meet her. How will I ever know, if I can't get to her!?"

3. Picking your top three.

So you're basically in love with all of them at this point. Each and every potential little is perfect in their very own way. The ones you click with stand out in your brain from one similarity to the next. You've narrowed it down and now the ball is in their court.

4. Finding out who your Little is.

This is the founding moment. You will be their go to person, their mentor, and their umbrella on a rainy day. No matter if you got your top choice or 30th, it doesn't even matter because they are your little and you are their big.

5. Making their Twitter page.

Time to be sneaky. Reveal is just a few weeks away and now it's your chance to bond with your lits, even though they don't know who you are. You give them clues and gifts as they frantically try to put the pieces together. It's the cutest.

6. Get ready to craft, craft, craft.

Dana Saccoccio

For the next week, you literally live at Michaels'. From paddles, canvases, letters, to T-shirts and glitter, lots and lots glitter. You have probably gone to class with paint splattered all over your hands or strolled through the quad like a low quality disco ball. It's worth it, nothing is better then spoiling your little.

7. T'wis the morning of Reveal

AKA, the day of freak out. If you're like me, you worry your little won't want you. You want to be the best big you can possibly be. You find yourself running around like a crazy person, finishing up the final touches to their paddle. All you can think about is that moment of her finding out it's you.


You walk up to the ballroom internally screaming. You and your family set up her basket as you poke fun at your own big for becoming a grandma. You trip over her stuffed monkey as your 5G laughs, expanding your arms, your final moments of not being the youngest one. Your Gbig whips the lipstick off your teeth, she tells you to relax, this is your moment. You get in a circle as you watch the other reveals, and suddenly you and your twin are called to the center.


Your little walks through the door and the music starts playing. They pass her bag around the room, this is the time it stops at you. She looks up and and you squeal. She charges towards you, you can't help the tears from coming out. "I'm so happy it's you!" she comes in and shrinks. You giant family comes running from all angles. Nothing could be happier as this moment prevails.

All the stress, all the nerves, they're over now. Your big starts sobbing, as you take your first official photo. Welcome home little one, we are so happy to have you.

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