9 Episodes Of Shows To Watch When You're Feeling Down

9 Episodes Of Shows To Watch When You're Feeling Down

This list could help you find your new favorite series.

We've all had one of those days where, at the end of it, we just want to curl up and lose ourselves in the lives of some of our favorite characters. Occasionally, we want something dramatic and sentimental, while other times we want to laugh out loud. Here's a list of all of my favorite shows to watch when I'm feeling down, all the way from all the feels of "This is Us" to the antics of Jim and Dwight.

1. Grey's Anatomy: "Do You Know?"

This episode centers around Cristina, who is arguably the best character that has even been on that show. It shows Cristina experiencing two different realities in an effort to answer one question: Do you know who you are? Not only is this one incredibly well-written, but it is also comforting because it shows that everything in our lives happens for a reason, whether we know it at the time or not.

2. The Big Bang Theory: "The Scavenger Vortex"

The gang is sent on a scavenger hunt through the city as part of a murder mystery party hosted by Raj. They are each paired with people that they do not often interact with alone. Bernadette shows her competitive side, Penny is actually able to solve a riddle that stumps Sheldon while Howard and Amy bond over their love of Neil Diamond music. If you need a pick me up during a rough week, this episode makes me laugh every time.

3. Doctor Who: "Vincent and the Doctor"

I promise this is the most nerdy I'm going to get, but I could actually go on forever about this episode. The Doctor and his travelling companion, Amy, travel back in time and meet Vincent Van Gogh. They witness firsthand the mental struggles that he went through, as well as the beauty that he created from them. The most beautiful thing about this episode, and the reason why I keep watching it over and over, is because of the way it makes me realize that good and bad things will always happen in life, but the bad things do not make the good things unimportant.

4. The Office: "Office Olympics" and "Garden Party"

Of course I couldn't pick just one episode of this show. "Office Olympics" is a classic, that's for sure. The workers make up their own games involving office supplies and spend the day just having fun with each other, proving that best friends can be found when you least expect them. As for "Garden Party", I think this may be one of the most hilarious episodes of the entire series. Dwight throws a fancy garden party at his farm and Jim, in one of his most thought-out pranks, makes a list of fake customs for Dwight to follow, such as an interpretive dance that makes me laugh every time.

5. Friends: "The One Where No One's Ready"

I always love the episodes where it's just the gang in Monica's apartment hanging out with each other. Ross increasingly loses his cool when no one is ready to go to his fancy paleontology event. So many random things happen, such as Joey drinking out of a glass of fat, Monica getting a call from her ex and Joey putting all of Chandler's clothes. For some reason, this episode is just so relaxing to me.

6. This Is Us: "Jack Pearson's Son"

I realize that This Is Us may be a hard show to watch when you're already emotionally fragile because, let's face it, this show makes you feel so many things. But this episode has got to be one of my favorites. In it, Randall becomes increasingly anxious and is slowly heading toward a nervous breakdown. He doesn't want anyone to worry about him, however, so he tells everyone that he's okay and the trust him. However, his brother, Kevin, senses something is wrong and decides that he needs to drop everything else in order to make sure his brother is okay. I just love this so much because it reminds me that, even in difficult times, the people that truly care for me will always be willing to help.

7. Supernatural: "Yellow Fever"

This is another quirky one, but I knew I had to include it. In this episode, Dean, one of the two main characters, contracts an "illness" that causes him to become deathly afraid of every little thing around him. If you've never seen the show, I have to point out that both of the main characters are pretty manly most of the time, so it is hilarious to see them act completely different. He screams like a girl at the sight of a cat and jams to "Eye of the Tiger" while lying down in the front seat of the car while he's trying to take his mind off his fear. I could watch that scene over and over again.

8. Brooklyn Nine-Nine: "Halloween IV"

The Halloween Heist tradition continues! Every year, the officers in the 99th precinct of the Brooklyn police attempt to steal an object and prove themselves to be the "ultimate detective/genius." This year, however, it is not a police officer that wins the heist. It is the administrative assistant, Gina, who outsmarts all of the other officers and proves that everyone is smart and capable in their own way. Not only is this episode hilarious, but it is also inspiring.

9. Halt and Catch Fire: "Heaven is a Place"

This is definitely the least mainstream show on this list. I don't know how many people know that this show exists, but I LOVE "Halt and Catch Fire." It's set mostly in the 80's during the personal computer revolution and documents the lives of fictional people who are coming up with the new and creative innovations that drove it. It definitely qualifies as a drama, and many episodes are quite serious, but "Heaven is a Place" is one of the most optimistic of them all. It is a new beginning for each of the characters and everyone is optimistic of what the future holds. It makes me realize that taking a risk in the hopes of achieving something that you have always wanted is sometimes worth doing.

I hope you all enjoy these shows as much as I do. Happy watching!

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Cover Image Credit: Makhmutova Dina

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