Now that Fall's here, the dark falls earlier and the temperature's dropping, and we're all gonna be spending a lot more time inside. Everybody loves to sit quietly with a cup of their favorite hot drink and watch a movie or read a book, especially during those perfect Fall thunderstorms. But the cold season can be pretty draining as well, and being on your own is not always favorable. So how does one find a way to socialize while maintaining that level of comfort? The answer, obviously, is board games. And if you're having trouble figuring out some board games that you and your friends might enjoy, fear not; below you'll find a few board games I've tried and loved.

Betrayal at House on the Hill

This is a pretty strong start, as Betrayal at House on the Hill is probably one of my personal higher-ups on this list. The innovation of this one is one of its most prominent positive attributes. It's played in two phases: the first, during which the players build the game board and create different circumstances each time; and the second, in which on player turns against the others after an "event" takes place. You can tell that a lot of thought was put into its creation, and playing multiple rounds is almost necessary.


Many people know about this classic, but not many appreciate its beauty. The goal, for those who aren't aware, is to get your partner (or team members) to say a certain word by defining it, but the trick is that you aren't allowed to use that word or certain related words. It's pretty high-energy, and the frantic shouting that ensues can get pretty amusing.

The Game of Life

In The Game of Life, you begin your career as an adult, and proceed to go through "the motions." Getting a job, buying a house, getting married, having children, everything all the way up to retirement. Things happen along the way, some good and some bad. At the end, the winner is the one who's happiest with their outcome. While it's only a board game, it's a really unique analogy for Life in general. Plus, it's like a more detailed game of "house" like you played when you were young.


Quelf is not for the faint of heart. One must have an exceptionally strong sense of humor, and an overwhelming lack of shame. Sometimes you must answer random trivia questions, and then act like a giraffe for fifteen seconds for extra credit. Other times, you have find exactly 68 cents before time runs out. Or, make a mask out of nearby objects. If you're goofy like me, Quelf is your best option.


At some point, we've all played Clue. And when we're young, Clue makes you feel like a real-live detective. But after a certain amount of plays, the combinations get boring, and the characters get too familiar. If you're looking for a more age-fitting, difficult, and altogether breath of fresh air, I highly recommend Sleuth.


I take no responsibility for any loss of friendships, family members, or limbs. That's all.


This one's a good thought provoker. You're given a list of twelve categories, and someone rolls a 20-sided letter die. When the timer is started, you must write up to three words for each category, starting with the letter that the die chooses. Any shared answers must be crossed out. This one's ore lowkey, but it's a unique kind of fun.


Pit's based off of the old bartering market system, in that one tries to trade off materials to get a certain more desirable one. There are 8 different suits (or types of card), and the player's job is to get a full hand of one suit, by trading with other players, in bundles anywhere from 2-4 cards strong. No body can know what they're trading for, so everyone shouts their bids and barters blindly until someone wins that round and the market closes. Probably among the most intense games you can play, but it's definitely worth that satisfaction of cornering the market on wheat.

A Plain Deck of Cards

Last but not least, the age-old deck of cards. Growing up, my mother and I would always play games of Rummy, and Go Fish when I was too young. My brothers and I would always play intense games of Spit, and I've become closer to some of my closest friends over games of Palace. You can never go wrong with a deck of cards, whether it's a game of War or President.

Again, board games are an amazing way to spend time with people on cold and rainy days, or when you're just too tired to leave your dorm/house. Especially now that Winter's coming, you'll need all the downtime you can get. If ever you're in the mood for a game or two, I highly recommend all of the games on this list; I promise you won't be disappointed.