The "mom" friend, as defined by Urban Dictionary, is "that one friend in your squad that's super responsible and almost over-protective of them." Every group has one. If you don't know who it is, it's probably you. Just for clarification so that you can be sure you are the "mom" friend, go ahead and look at these nine attibutes of a "mom" friend.

1. You are always put in charge

No matter what crazy situation your friend group is faced with, you are always seen as the leader of the group. Whether it be a sticky situation they need to get out of or powering through a group project, you know how to guide your friends.

2. Trustworthy

You are always given the majority of responsibilities. Also, your opinion is highly regarded. All your friends come to you for advice.

3. You can easily relate with your friends’ parents… sometimes more than your actual friends

You find yourself in your friends’ kitchens making small talk with their mothers more than actually hanging out with your friends. Sometimes it can be annoying, but hearing what happened to Michele last week at work is too juicy!

4. Always prepared

Tissues? Got them. Band-aids? In your bag. Shoulder to cry on? Right there.

5. Motivational speaker

Whether she has an exam coming up, needs help making a decision, or is losing faith in herself, your friend goes to you. You always know how to cheer your friends up and give them that extra push in whatever they are doing.

6. You can’t say no

You always want to be involved with all of your friends because you care about them so much. Because of this, you can never say no to hanging out or doing something fun. This normally ends up with you doing homework while hanging out, or afterwards until 2 a.m. At the end of it all, your bond with your friends is worth it.

7. You keep your friends safe

Whether it’s by walking them to their car or being the designated driver, your friends’ safety comes first.

8. Stopping your friends from doing something stupid

The following are example phrases you may say if you “mom” your friends

    1. “No, don’t text your ex.”
    2. “No, that does NOT go there!!!”
    3. “That will definitely catch on fire.”

9. You love your friends like nobody's business

Your friends are a huge part of your life. You have a deep care for them. Although it comes with a lot of responsibilities, you wouldn’t change the fact that you are the “mom” of the group for the world.