8 "WTF" Miley Moments We Will Never Forget
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8 "WTF" Miley Moments We Will Never Forget

From stealing Liam Hemsworth's heart, to having a "Blonde SuperFreak" steal the "Magic Brain"

8 "WTF" Miley Moments We Will Never Forget

Miley Cyrus is off her rocker. Some would even venture to say she’s insane, but I think everyone can agree that she has without a doubt lost. her. mind. No longer doubling as the teen idol Hannah Montana, Miley seems to be portraying a much more “mature” persona.

From her original scandalous pole-dancing on the teen choice awards back in 2009, to her nearly naked outfits while hosting the VMAs this year, Miley never disappoints her eager audiences waiting for her next crazy move.

The question on everyone’s mind is HOW?! Smilers all over are wondering how America’s sweetheart could transform from this:

to this:

I mean COME ON, Miley… You had LIAM HEMSWORTH.

*a moment of silence please*

So, while I’m sure none of you have forgotten about her memorable escapades, let’s recap Miley’s downward spiral of sanity, shall we?

1. The haircut heard 'round the world

Yikes! If Angelina and Justin Beiber had a baby, this would be its hairdo. Anyone else have flashbacks to Britney’s shaved head meltdown when Miley chopped off her beautiful ombréd locks?

2. Memes fa dayz

If you don’t follow @mileycyrus, you’re missing out on some prime editing skills from herself and fans. From the famous edits of her toddler face on different bodies, to her recreation of iconic pictures, Miley definitely makes for an interesting follow on social media (especially Instagram).

3. Can't stop, won't stop

Her original video releases of “We Can’t Stop” and “Wrecking Ball” seem quite tame now in comparison to her everyday antics. However, at the time of their release—breaking the record for most Vevo views in a day—these videos woke America up to the pop star’s evolutionary path she soon followed. She came in like a wrecking ball; that’s for sure.

4. Can't forget the concerts

Yes, that is Miley Cyrus riding a hot dog. From her kissing Katy Perry, sliding out of a giant tongue, dancing with midgets, wearing fake butts—you name it, Miley did it. I know you've all seen the pictures of her laying on cars in a marajuana-themed leotard. Imagine witnessing it live. Unforgettable.

5. #FreeTheNipple

Even before her recent VMA nip-slip, which I’m sure ensued a high level of excitement, Miley has campaigned for a new era—one in which nipples can be seen freely and without question or offense. Beginning with her nude photo shoot for Vogue magazine, Miley continues to test the limits of how much skin she show off no matter the opposition.

6. Dirty Hippie

Caption: #PANK #dirtyhippie
Though this phrase is a self-proclamation, I don’t think many people would disagree. Not sure if many hippies dye their pit-hair pink, but “dirty” seems to be an appropriate word.

7. Twerk it

I think everyone can agree that when Miley started white-girl twerking on Robin Thicke, she had officially lost her mind. This has now become her staple though. Selling "TWERK IT" shirts and proudly posting videos of her "skills," Miley clearly embraces this newfound talent.

8. "Blonde SuperFreak Steals the Magic Brain"

Just when you thought Miley couldn’t get any weirder, well, she proves you wrong. If you haven’t watched that video, watch it. If there was ever an argument for “wtf” being an emotion, this video would be a prime example.

I don’t think it’s possible to recap all the absurdities that circle Miss Cyrus on a daily basis, but she has definitely left a lasting impression. Whether you love her or hate her, Miley seems happier than ever letting her freak-flag fly. Regardless of your feelings towards her, she is no doubt entertaining. Thank you, Disney, for making Miley relevant. I have enjoyed watching her “evolve.”

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