An 8-Step Program To Get Out Of That Rut You're In

An 8-Step Program To Get Out Of That Rut You're In

And ultimately make yourself a happier person.


We all get there, the lows in life where you feel like you're stuck in this place of bad moods and unhappiness forever. These ruts in life are anything but fun and can seem impossible to pull yourself out of, but I promise you it's possible. Here are some tried and true tips of mine to hoist yourself out of this low point in your life:

1. Get it out

Whether you talk to a friend, post long captions on your Finsta pictures, type it out in your notes on your phone, or journal; get it out of your mind. It genuinely helps you not feel so alone and not have your mind constantly encircling this "lowness" if you get it out of your mind and on paper or in another person's head.

2. Get inspiration

When you're at a low point in your life, typically that is when you feel the most unmotivated and uninspired and it seems so incredibly hard to get re-inspired about life. But don't think too hard about it, inspiration is everywhere. In books, on Youtube, in dream boards, in your friends; it doesn't matter where you choose to find it, just make sure you do. I find the most inspiration in watching people on Youtube who I find inspirational and who live how I aspire to. More recently I've discovered the art of inspirational books by reading "You Are A Badass" by Jen Sincero (I highly recommend it). Overall, getting your inspiration for life back is going to make you feel happier, better, and more like yourself.

3. Get a new perspective on your life

If you're in a low point in your life, chances are you're not the happiest and most positive person you could be and that is due to your mindset. If your mindset is leaning toward the negative side, your perspective on your life will be as well. So naturally, you want to attack that terrible mindset first; all it takes is a little conscious effort to change a negative mindset around. And likewise, the perspective you have on your whole life will be shifted to (hopefully) a more positive, happier one. Another simple way to gain a new feel and perspective in your life is to rearrange the furniture in your room, redecorate your walls or your desk, or try something you've never done before.

4. Take time for yourself

With all of this said, don't always sit in your room by yourself and not socialize or slack off on your homework. Take time for yourself, refresh, reenergize, get back out there, and be the best you can possibly be. Spending too much time alone will only add to your lowness, so go out, hang with friends, and have fun with your life.

6. Focus on your health

When you're feeling low it seems so easy to dump Cheetos and Pop Tarts and Little Debbie Snack Cakes in your mouth, but really all it's going to do is make you feel worse. Be aware of what foods you're eating, not every single thing has to be healthy, but focus on eating things that you feel good about eating and will make you feel good physically as well. Becoming more dedicated to working out will make you feel a million times better as well, not only are you releasing endorphins (which chemically make you feel happier) but you are also going to feel so accomplished by doing something so great for yourself when otherwise you would probably be scrolling through social media.

7. Find ways to get away from your lowness

This point can be applied to every other tip I have already given you in one way or another. Whether you decide you're going to hit the gym everyday, pick up a new hobby, like yoga or Zumba, or just spend more time with your friends it is important to find something you can do with your time other than wallowing in your lowness. Finding something you're passionate about and makes you happy is such an amazing feeling and almost immediately lifts your mood simply because you have time set aside in your life where you're not allowed to be focused on it.

8. Love yourself

This is the absolute most important tip I could possibly give you. Loving yourself creates such a beautiful, happy glow around your life and everything becomes so amazing and wonderful. It is hard to begin loving yourself, especially if you never have, but it is a process and please remind yourself growth does not happen overnight. Loving yourself is addicting because as Jen Sincero says in her book: "Love yourself and life becomes a party."

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