15 Thoughts In The Mind of Someone Struggling With An Eating Disorder

15 Thoughts People Who Haven’t Struggled With An Eating Disorder Don’t Understand

It's more complicated than you think.


I know a lot of people have been asking me how to help people with eating disorders and what to say to them without being offensive. Honestly, it's not that easy. A lot of things can be triggering to someone struggling with an eating disorder and it varies depending on the person, type of ED, and how long they have been struggling with it.

Typically, it's easier to help someone when you catch it early on, otherwise, it is extremely hard to change their mindset. It is all a mind game, the weight loss/gain is just a result. Here are some things that may help you to understand a little better:

1. No we can't just "eat".

Eating disorders make you believe food is the enemy. That even a piece of lettuce will make you gain weight, and that you immediately need to burn it off. Yes, of course, you know you need food to survive, but it makes you care more about how you look than actually living.

2. The scale number will never be low enough.

Eating disorders LIVE for the scale. That is its only purpose. To see the number and get as LOW as possible. Thinner is better.

3. Eating disorders are selfish. 

It doesn't want you to have friends. It doesn't want others influencing you or trying to change your mindset back to normal. It wants you completely isolated from everyone. And that is exactly what happens.

4. Eating disorders are not a choice. 

No one WANTS to have an eating disorder. It is never intentional.

5. Eating disorders never fully go away. 

Even though you see some people weight restored and doing well throughout their recovery, doesn't mean they are fully recovered. Honestly, it will never go away, it will always be lingering and it takes so much strength to not fuel it back to relapse.

6. Eating disorders love attention. 

Yes, please tell me how skinny I am and acknowledge the dramatic weight loss...No. Do not do that. It only fuels the fire and creates a hunger for more.

7. Every struggle is different. 

Everyone has different emotions and highs and lows.

8. No one is the same person they were before the eating disorder. 

Fact. You might be similar, happier, healthier, but you will always think of food differently than you used to in some way, shape, or form.

9. Eating disorders will never eat anything unless they know how many calories are in it. 

Don't bother going out to eat. Way to many calories.

10. Food is constantly being thought of. 

It's an obsession. They make you plan out when and where you are going to eat in advance, and how much. It consumes almost 90% of a person's thoughts.

11. Social media feeds are filled with skinny models, food recipes, pictures, and diets. 

It never goes away. They could be on social media for hours watching videos, researching, etc everything they could to lose weight or what the absolute lowest calorie foods are.

12. Eating disorders make you think you don't deserve to eat or that you shouldn't. 

Again, manipulating your mind into thinking that food will make you gain weight, and that gaining weight is a bad thing.

13. Losing weight becomes the most important thing in life. 

It makes you think that once you get to a certain weight or look a certain way that you will be happy with your life, but in reality, there is no magical number because any amount of weight loss is never enough.

14. It can be very stressful especially when other people come into play. 

Nothing stresses a person with an eating disorder out more than themselves. When other people try to distract or hinder the eating disorder, our emotions become angered and think other people are the enemy, and trying to get in the way of your progress.

15. Eating disorders hate feeling full. 

It is the worst feeling in the world. It prefers to feel your stomach rumbling and that you go to bed starving.

Always be patient and understanding. Eating disorders are extremely hard to overcome and it never really goes away. Talking to someone who has gone through it also helps. Having a good support system is one of the best ways to recovering. Please reach out to someone for help if you feel yourself falling into this mindset. For those who haven't gone through it, maybe this cleared up some things you just couldn't understand.

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Being Sick In College Is A Real Struggle

Being sick in college is definitely not as fun as having a sick day in middle school or high school.


Something that I have had to deal with multiple times these past two semesters is being sick while in school. It can be a real pain especially depending on what type of sickness it is. I have had tonsillitis, mono, and I'm pretty sure I also had the flu.

Being at school and away from home can make being sick worse because there is nobody to take of you such as your parents. Another thing is having to make the decision to get the rest that your body needs in order to feel better or staying on top of your assignments to avoid falling behind. My parents will always tell me to get a good night's sleep so my body can feel better the next day. However, sometimes I will feel more stress if my work isn't getting done and I feel like I'm falling behind and leaving things to get done in the last minute.

Currently, I am sick now and the past few days haven't been easy, but I still attended all my classes so I wouldn't miss any material or assignments that were given. I usually end up feeling the worst at night when trying to fall asleep, and by that time the doctors are not present at the student health center. Even though my health is important I usually don't like taking too much time out of my day to go to the health center to see a doctor. Some days I don't really have much free time before the evening.

I don't believe I have been over-exerting myself, but I don't want to just stay in my bed all day and sleep, even though that may be what is best for me. Most professors will be understanding if I email them and provide them a doctor's note as well, but I also just got back from a conference where I had to miss two days of classes next week.

I have been trying to keep hydrated so that way my body can fight the sickness. Also, I have been told if you stay hydrated you can flush the virus out of your body quicker.

Eating can also be a pain when you have a sore throat, for the past couple of days I have tried to have some soup in order to help. Most meals I would have to force myself to eat something of substance in order to give my body some type of energy in order to get through the day. It's also never fun not being able to breathe out of your nostrils. If it wasn't my nose being stuffed, then it would be constantly runny so there was no winning that battle.

Looking back, I probably should have done a bit more work over spring break in order to get ahead in the case that something like this would happen. I wanted my break to be exactly that, a break. After not being home for a few months I just wanted some time off to relax.

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