8 Ways Kris Jenner Is Just Like Your GBig

8 Ways Kris Jenner Is Just Like Your GBig

She strategically places her kids in situations that will give them fame and popularity and highlight their individual “talents.”

After you get your little, there’s not much excitement to add to your Greek fam, right? Wrong. Being a grandma in a sorority family is one of the best positions you can be in. You can spoil the heck out of your grandkids all while being able to pawn them back off to your little when you get tired. But the most fabulous comparison that one will get when they become this age, is that they’re similar to Kris Jenner. You read that right. The most famous “momager” in the world is just like any other gbig. Let me explain.

1. They’re the rock that keeps the family together

They’re the face of it all. The head of the planning, the face of the family. She honestly does it all. She’s behind the scenes in everything and makes sure everything is going as planned. She strategically places her kids in situations that will give them fame and popularity and highlight their individual “talents.” A smart woman, let me tell you.

2. They are the center of attention. Always.

Kris is amazing at making everything about her. During the planning of Khloe and Lamar’s wedding, Kris was able to include everything SHE wanted to satisfy HER needs. Same with a grand big. Since they have the highest seniority it’s only fair that they have the ability and rights to make themselves the center of attention. Because after all if they’re the heart and soul of the family, isn’t it always going to be about them?

3. They’re a little off their rockers

Sure they have genius ideas but sometimes you have to wonder what the heck is going through their mind when they do some of the things they do, say some of the things they say, and promote some of the things they promote. They think its socially acceptable to have a cocktail the moment they wake up, and they may be confused about life but hey, aren’t we all at one point or another?

4. They do not want to deal with the fact that they’re getting older than dirt

It’s not their fault that 365 days equals a year. If we had it our day, every 1,000 days would equal a year, after we turn 21 that is. And no we don’t need to be reminded of how old we are. The older we get the more fun we are. The term “grandma” doesn’t need to be brought up in everyday conversations and our age should not be reminded. Besides, we’re 21 at heart and never stop aging. And if we tell ourselves that enough I think we’ll really start to believe it.

5. We promote our family in shameful situations

“Yes gbabe, don’t be sad you hooked up with Derek from Beta Beta Beta. He’s cute and is probably gonna be a millionaire someday!” Just like Kris, gbigs like to promote their family members and really make them well known. Just like Kris was excited that Kim’s sex tape helped her rise to so much fame.

6. Every special event is a reason for the whole family to get together

Your greek twin just aced his physics exam? Let’s celebrate and have a themed family night! Just like Kris, whenever anyone in the family lands the front cover on an international “Vogue” issue, Kris always has a celebration party. And let’s not forget their well-known detailed Christmas cards. Each year the Kardashian Jenner clan has the most elaborate photo shoot to send out in their Christmas card. Only every grandbig wishes they could have such.

7. She moves on from guy to guy

After two marriages and god knows how many affairs, Kris has had a lot of experience with guys. Just like a grand big. By the time you gain the title, you’ve had your fair share of gentlemen that have taught you the right guys from the wrong. For Kris, after two marriages she’s had a lot to deal with. She’s also had her famous beau Cory so there’s the added “robbing of the cradle” to add to the dating resume.

8. They’ll always be deemed as a little crazy

Give them a little slack, it’s a chaotic mess trying to be the glue that holds the family together. So yes they’ll always be a little off their rockers but isn’t that what makes the family entertaining?

So just like Kris Jenner, grand bigs are the epitome of crazy, entertaining, and successful. You’ll be thankful the world has someone like them to keep things light, make the parties fun, and keep the family dynamics at an all-time high.
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10 TV Shows You Need To Watch On Hulu

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4. Future Man

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