8 Times College Girls Relate To The 'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt' So Much It Hurts

If you haven't seen The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt yet, I mean what are you waiting for?

This show has the comedy and the friendships that will make you laugh out loud all 28 minutes you are watching -- and gives you the most relatable life quotes of all times. Here's to Kimmy Schmidt and all her new friends!

These are a few times Kimmy Schmidt described our lives perfectly:

1. "But I already did something today!"

The first one is of course the one and only Titus who is Kimmy's roommate on the show -- also known as, one of the best characters ever portrayed. In life, we often only feel like doing one thing a day, and sometimes that one thing is getting out of bed.

2. "I'm having candy for dinner."

This one is for those of us on the college diet, who sometimes have to sacrifice and eat candy for dinner! As unhealthy as it may seem, Kimmy is overflowing with excitement about her future meal, like most of us are when it comes to food even if it is candy.

3. "So this is what hell is like."

The woman Kimmy works for, Mrs. Vorhees, has her own plethora of problems that you uncover during this series -- this quote kind of sums up what "adulting" feels like sometimes, am i right?

4. "I'm not really here!"

This little jingle is Kimmy's coping mechanism when she does not want to be somewhere, like us when we have to survive two hour lectures. We can just chant this in our heads and hopefully it makes us feel a little better! I'm not really here! I'm not really here!

5. "Do it for me while I watch."

Mrs. Vorhees goes through some hard times in this series, and what better way to get through than have your nanny/assistant stress eat for you? Am I right? We all envy you Mrs. Vorhees because we wish we could have someone to stress eat for us.

6. Kimmying

Life can be tough sometimes, but we can all use this advice and try some "Kimmying" the next time we get knocked down by life! Just smile and see what happens next!

7. Ten seconds at a time.

More advice from Kimmy: take it ten seconds at a time. Then once you made it through that ten seconds, start a new ten seconds and eventually you'll just be lost in counting and forget you ever had any problems!

8. "I've decided to live as a bed from now on"

There have been many days where I have wanted to live as a bed too Titus, but we have to get up and get out there in the world -- or else we will wake up in 2029 dead and we would've wasted our time on earth.

The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is a great show with an incredible cast, and if you loved these memes well there sure is more where that came from! No one will judge if you binge watch and remember to try some good old fashioned "Kimmying!"

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